New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees shares thoughts with ESPN’s Ed Werder


In an interview Thursday morning at the Drew Brees Passing Academy, which kicked off this week at the ESPN Wide World of Sports complex at Walt Disney World, the New Orleans Saints‘ quarterback shared his thoughts on several subjects during a Sports Center conversation with Ed Werder.

From Jimmy Graham, to Drew Brees’ future, a number of topics were covered.

Ed Werder: What was your reaction to the decision to trade Jimmy Graham to Seattle?

Drew Brees: “I was heartbroken, because Jimmy’s become a very close friend. We had five great years together. The unexpectedness of it, we had big plans for the next few years. More so than anything, it’s not being able to see that guy everyday. He’s a joy to be around. He was great to play football with, but more importantly, a great guy in the locker room. We had a ton of fun together. He’s like a little brother.

“Obviously he just signed the big deal last year, so I think you just have this long-term mindset with him. All of sudden he’s gone, the trade is made. I have full trust in our organization, Mickey Loomis, Sean Payton, and the direction we’re going in. You trust that, and yet, you’re certainly going to miss a guy like that.”

Werder: How convinced are you that before you retire you’ll win another Super Bowl?

Brees: “I’m very convinced. It’s what drives me. It’s what keeps me going. I love this game for so many reasons. The opportunity to have played it for going on 15 years is rare, it’s unique. I want to continue to play for absoultely as long as I can, as long as I’m having fun. Playing at a high level and am able to stay healthy, why not play this game? It’s a blessing. And the challenges and opportunities that come along with it each and every year, I don’t know how you mimic this in any other element of life.

“My kids are getting to a certain age where they’re really beginning to understand what their dad does. They can be a part of some of the day-to-day stuff. I can bring them into the facility on Tuesdays when I’m studying film, and they can run around, and we can run around the indoor, they can name all the pictures and players on the wall, and they can go to guys’ lockers and high-five them. That’s what it’s all about. That makes me want to play forever.”

Werder: When we were here last year, you said you were going to play until you were 45…

Brees: (Laughing) “I said I think I could play until I was 45. Here’s the thing, do I think that’s possible? Yes. Could that happen? Yes. Would I love for that to happen? Yes. I’m not naive to knowing that I’m on a series of one-year contracts just like everybody else in the league. I feel like I can find that juice, I’ve got it, it’s there. I’m going to keep having fun and keep slinging it around.”

Werder: How close do you think you are to achieving your goal of winning another Super Bowl? Do you think you have the team now that’s capable of that?

Brees: “I feel like we can build it, yeah. I mean listen, there’s a lot of work to be done. I’m not going to sit here in June and say that we’re where we need to be. We still have a lot of work to do, but I do feel like we have all the pieces in place. We have the ability to build the best team that we’ve had, and yet, it’s not easy. It takes a lot of work, a ton of work. But as long as we can maintain that mindset of just continuing to get better each and every day, then we got a shot.”

Like Drew Brees said, there is a ton of work to be done, but as long as the All-Pro quarterback is under center in the Big Easy, anything is possible. It was only a season ago he tied for first in the league in passing yards. He’s still got the juice. With a revamped offensive line, some added weapons on both offense and defense, and a solid splash in the draft, the Saints are looking to turn things around in 2015 after a disappointing campaign a year ago. Don’t be so quick to count out the Black and Gold.

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