Faster than a speeding bullet, Saints WR Brandin Cooks soars


Okay, unless your alias is Clark Kent, then you’re not faster than a speeding bullet.  But in case you were unaware, New Orleans Saints wide receiver Brandin Cooks is indeed quick.  In fact, he’s a speed demon.  Most of us were already familiar with the wideout from Oregon State and his incredible athleticism, but witnessing it firsthand during his second year at minicamp has just been an absolute pleasure.

During the offseason, Cooks said he planned on getting faster for the 2015 season.  So far, so good.  Mission accomplished.  Right on.  His quickness and footwork have certainly been a spectacle up to this point, and it seems like it gets better and better each day.

Watching him pull in the ball, change directions, dodge defenders and juke his opponents right out of their shoes is something the entire NFL will have to get used to eventually, and likely sooner rather than later.

Brandin Cooks is entering his second-year, and with Jimmy Graham and Kenny Stills out of the picture in the Big Easy, there can be no sophomore slump for the former college football and track star. It’s time for Cooks to step up, and with future Hall-of-Fame quarterback Drew Brees under center, there’s really no better situation for the young speedster.

Cooks has been shining since the first week of organized team activities kicked off in May.  The 2014 first-round pick will be looking to carry that momentum over into the regular season.  Again, with Graham and Stills taking their talents to other organizations, his role will certainly be bigger than it was a season ago.

He’s part of the package,” Saints head coach Sean Payton said about Brandin Cooks in an interview last week. “He’s part of what we do. As a rookie he was in there, but certainly he’ll get more snaps. When he got hurt, he was kind of incomplete, so I think you’ll see a player’s (Cooks) healthy in his second year. He’s got a lot of knowledge of what we’re doing, and I think he’s looking forward to having a good season.”

Cooks looks to bounce back in 2015 after his rookie season fell short six games due to a Week 11 injury.  He was on the verge of a solid first campaign, totaling 550 yards and three touchdowns on 53 receptions (team-high through 11 weeks), adding another 73 rushing yards and a score.

Like Coach said, Cooks is growing and getting better, and you can really see that.  We can thank his determination, concentration and passion to learn the game, but that speed should also get some credit.  Plus, the kid’s got his head on straight.  If you told me, he got in trouble off the field, I’d call you a fool and a liar.

Brandin Cooks has just about everything you want to see from a professional standpoint.  He’s going to be quite difficult for opponents to adjust to and defend for a very long time.  He looks to be the real deal.  The potential is there and the ceiling is endless.  With the starting job in his hands, he’ll look to shine in his second year in that high-powered New Orleans Saints offense.  The door to greatness is just around the corner.

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