New Orleans Saints WR Joe Morgan looks for redemption in 2015


Wide receiver Joe Morgan has seen his fair share of struggles since joining the New Orleans Saints as an undrafted free agent in 2011 out of Walsh University.

Whether it was injury, problems off the field (DWI), or trouble in the locker room, it’s been a tough journey for the young speedster.  Because of all the headaches he caused, Joe Morgan was eventually released from the team last December.

However, the Saints found new hope and decided to give the wideout another shot with the organization, signing him earlier this offseason to a one-year deal worth around $585,000 — the league minimum for guy with two years of NFL experience under his belt.

He received a $15,000 signing bonus, which totals his money to $600,000 — the league minimum for three years of experience.  However, that $15,000 is his guaranteed money as well.  That’s pocket change in the NFL.  If Morgan produces, the team benefits.  If he takes a wrong turn and gets cut again, the club practically loses nothing.

Of course, expectations are that Joe Morgan has conquered his issues and will be a vital piece to the offensive puzzle.  His speed, versatility and ability to stretch the field as a deep threat receiver for QB Drew Brees is undeniable.  In fact, in two years played, he averages a staggering 33.6 yards per catch.

After parting ways with All-Pro TE Jimmy Graham and WR Kenny Stills, the Saints will see some heavy competition this summer between potential pass catchers for the 2015 season.  Morgan is right in the middle of it all, with a big opportunity to take over a third or fourth receiver role.

New Orleans wrapped up another session of OTAs Wednesday afternoon, and Coach Sean Payton praised Morgan for his performance and character change thus far.

“He’s doing well,” Payton said. “He runs well, I think he’s certainly fully healthy. He’s spent a lot of time, there’s been a lot of training with him. I think he’s changed a lot. With a new receiver coach Johnny Morton, and Greg Lewis is in that room also, and a handful of new players, so he’s (Morgan) like the rest of them competing and really just trying to master that position. He’s playing Z, we’re moving him around a little bit, but he’s handling that well.”

With a total of 12 wide receivers currently in the mix with hopes of a final roster spot after summer competition at camp, Joe Morgan will certainly have his work cut out for him.  It’ll be a storyline to follow as he looks to redeem himself and become a key contributor once again in the Saints’ high-powered offense.

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