Where were you when the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl?


Five years ago today, the New Orleans Saints brought home their first Lombardi trophy in franchise history. For the state of Louisiana, it meant many different things. While you will find a common theme of overwhelming joy and emotion, we’ll forever remember that team. They’ll always hold a special place in our heart.

In honor of today, when the Saints knocked off the Colts in Super Bowl XLIV 31-17, we asked Facebook and Twitter to share some of their moments, respectively where they were when it all happened. I selected some of my favorites.

"In a room full of stunned Colts fans lol. SWEET. -Patti L.I will never forget that day cause it’s my mothers birthday. I waited since 1967 for the Saints to win a one on my mama’s birthday laugh out loud -Keith B.At a friend’s house partying, doing Jell-O shots for every score and both kick-offs, us ladies who were out in garage with tv also were doing Crown shots! When we won we ran inside screaming ‘hell’s frozen over’, then we all told our husbands that we were getting tattoos! Which we did about a week later! And to make it better our tats made it to Facebook and on tv in Tulsa. -Fran L.Went back to where it all began…arrived from L.A. the Thrus. before SB…partied and rubbed elbows in the streets of N.O. with all the wonderful Who Dat Fans…attended a super SB party not far from the BS, so it was easy to walk to quarters after Our WIN!!! Stayed to be a part of the SB Parade…flew out the day after. What a WONDERFUL time that was…What a WONDERFUL SEASON to experienced…could not stop crying Tears of Joy!!! LOVED Every Moment! -Marsha D.In my den pacing the floor until Tracy Porter’s interception. Then I was answering phone calls from friends who are Saints fans so we could cheer and yell together. I have the DVD of the highlights from the game. Even knowing the outcome, I still get nervous when I watch it. LOL A really crazy Who Dat am I. LOL –Toni D.Overseas at Incirlik, Turkey. Drew Brees came over after his Super Bowl win and supported us troops. He’s a genuine guy. -Melissa S."

If you’ve ever questioned the loyalty and love that Who Dat Nation has for their Saints, then I’m sure this helps brings some clarity to the picture. You can check out all of the reactions here.

We can only hope to ‘Party with Lombardi’ at least once more in our lifetime, but for some, that one time was enough.

Where were you?

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