Super Bowl XLIX Game Picks


While the New Orleans Saints aren’t obviously playing in Super Bowl XLIX this year, that doesn’t mean we can’t weigh in on our thoughts of who will win on February 1, 2015. You can definitely feel a split decision in the air when picking a winner between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks. It’s the AFC’s best against the NFC’s best, and promises to deliver a highly entertaining contest.

How do we see it? What’s our final scores? Who wins it all, and why?


14. 36. 27. 47. Final

Picking the Deflators. I think Brady has a lot to prove after losing two straight Super Bowls. He gets his fourth ring.


36. Final. 17. 47. 23

I think the Seahawks will win this game and the reason is simple: defense. They might be the only team in the league with enough defensive talent/physical presence to shut down the Gronk. They certainly don’t lack a pass rush so Brady will have to get rid of the ball quickly and not force any balls. As long as Russell Wilson doesn’t throw 4 or 5 picks Seattle’s offense will be fine pounding the ball with Lynch and slinging it off play action passes.


Final. 13. 47. 27. 36

With the implication of DeflateGate hanging over their heads, the Patriots arrive in the desert with the comfort of playing indoors at Glendale, minus the worry of someone illegally fondling their balls —- alas, Richard Sherman and the rest of the Seahawks defense come to play, and the boys from Beantown prove no match…..


47. 27. 36. Final. 23

While Deflategate continues to surround the New England Patriots, the mentality of Tom Brady and the rest of the team seem to be unaffected by the accusations, thanks to Bill Belichick, who regardless of past allegations, is still one of the greatest mentors and coaches to ever touch the game of football.

However, I believe, and even though they don’t show it, the Seahawks look at the Patriots as cheaters, specifically Richard Sherman. Seattle will not allow “cheaters” to beat them.  I do think Brady matches up well with the Seahawks’ defense, given his ability to pick apart anything thrown his way, but Seattle’s disruptive front seven and extraordinary secondary led by Sherman and Earl Thomas will reign supreme.

Seattle escapes in a close one in what I think will be one of the best Super Bowls in recent past.


47. Final. 24. 36. 27

I can’t stand the Patriots but I think they have the best shot to win this game. The Packers exposed some weaknesses in Seattle that Belichick and Brady will be able to exploit. Also, the Patriots are notoriously good after they’ve been implicated in a “scandal”. Brady lives off of the motivation of those who question him and don’t believe in him. I think it will be a tight game. Russell Wilson is coming into his own, Marshawn Lynch doesn’t quit, and Seattle’s defense may be able to get to Brady.


23. 36. Final. 17. 47

This year is quite an interesting Super Bowl matchup! On one side you have a team of really loud and outspoken individuals who on gameday come together as one and play some of the better “team” football we have seen in recent years.

On the other side is a team with a future Hall of Fame coach and quarterback who can beat any team on any week in any venue in the NFL.

The Patriots will have to overcome the whole “deflategate” scandal in order to be victorious while the Seahawks will only need to continue to do what they have done throughout the playoffs and Russell Wilson will need to feed off of Beast Mode’s running. If Lynch can keep the safeties and linebackers eyes in the backfield Wilson should have his opportunities to go deep against man coverage.

This is a tough one but I’m taking the Seahawks to take home the Lombardi this year.


36. Final. 20. 47. 24

I see this game going down to the wire. While most are going to recite the 2012 matchup between the two, when Seattle edged out New England 24-23 in the final two minutes of the game, that’s fairly irrelevant for Super Bowl Sunday. If you do take anything away from that game, and from what Seattle has done this year, it’s safe to say that this team doesn’t give up. They were down 23-10 in the 2012 matchup with less than 9 minutes to go, and they rallied to beat the Pats.

Seattle doesn’t get blown out, as their worst loss was 30-21 against the San Diego Chargers in Week Two. Despite that, they’ve lost by 7, 2, and 4 points.

For New England’s sake, they are similar. This team isn’t like the one that struggled in the early weeks with a 13 point loss to the Miami Dolphins in Week One, and a 27 point loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in Week Four.

I see so many compliments on each respective team, and when it all comes down to it, we’re looking at the top defense against a powerful offense. Defense wins championships.

Enjoy the game, folks!

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