Five Suitable Replacements for the Superdome Siren


Nov 24, 2014; New Orleans, LA, USA; A general view of the Mercedes-Benz Superdome prior to kickoff of a game between the New Orleans Saints and the Baltimore Ravens. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

If you watched the New Orleans Saints-Atlanta Falcons game on Sunday (and actually finished watching it), you may have noticed that there was a certain something missing from the game. That’s right, the annoying Superdome Siren was M.I.A. The infernal sound of that nerve-racking auditory device was something many were dissatisfied with, to say the very least. Fans went as far as to make a petition to place an end to the ineffective siren.

#StopTheDOMEsiren was found all over Twitter for each Saints home game, and left an impact on many.

Thankfully, we’re finished with the Superdome Siren for 2014. However, will we see it rear its ugly head next season? I’m sure many of us would rather go through other various forms of torture than have to deal with that again.

We can give the franchise an ‘E’ for Effort, and God Bless You for trying, but here’s my five most suitable replacements for the Superdome Siren.

5. A Ferry Horn

New Orleans natives are quite familiar with the Ferry that runs through Algiers Point/Canal Street and Lower Algiers/Chalmette. The New England Patriots have their respective horn, why wouldn’t this work instead of that silly siren?

4. Metallica

Just listen to the first three seconds of Master of Puppets. There’s a lot of Metallica songs to be found in professional sports today, and the opening part to this song would get me more hyped for third down than that wretched siren. Seek and Destroy or For Whom the Bell Tolls would also represent suitable replacements to the siren.

3. Nelly – Hot In Here

Again, not the whole song, just the beginning. I often remember the intro of Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens, and this opening couple of seconds of Hot In Here by Nelly could get fans going for third down.

2.  Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train

Just having Ozzy Osbourne yelling ‘All Aboard‘ and laughing would be good enough for me. This song has been in sports for several decades, why not use it?

1. Nothing

Just repeat from last Sunday’s contest and say ‘It’s Third Down‘ Mark Romig, as it definitely got the fans up on their feet. Plain and simple. In fact, I failed to hear any complaints, and dare I say it worked? Well, for the most part. Although they lost the game, the Saints finished with a 46 percent third down efficiency (7/15) against the Falcons.

For those wondering, Turn Down for What doesn’t make my list ever. That song has been played out to the max by virtually every sports team in existence.

I speak for any person that has had to suffer through the torment of the Superdome Siren, we’d be more than okay with not bringing this back. I offer my condolences to those fans in attendance who continually have nightmares from having to listen to the siren repeatedly. Here’s to hoping we’ve seen and heard the last of the Siren.

What would you like in favor of that infernal Superdome Siren? What are some of the best sounds you deem appropriate for third down?