RELOAD FOR 2015: Saints Will Be Back to Post-Season

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It’s still very early before we get a complete picture of this year’s draft class, but if the Saints don’t take a linebacker in this year’s draft then you’ll know the team is not serious about turning things around. The Saints need an impact linebacker to start to turn around this defense.

None of the Saints linebackers have had any consistency this year outside of Curtis Lofton and you can’t keep dropping safety Kenny Vaccaro to cover up for an essential unit on the team that is flat-out under-performing.

I’m also trying to understand why people all of the sudden think Drew Brees’ best days are behind him. Have you guys even see what he has done this season?

You guys think the most accurate QB in the NFL, who is fifth in most touchdowns this season, who has passed for 4,000 yards nine seasons in a row, who has consistently broke record after record with the same offense is washed up?

I watched the same games as you guys. He made bad decisions under pressure and in some instances he played a role in the Saints losses. He definitely did not have his best year for the Saints but the same could be said about Brady, Manning, and other NFL quarterbacks at some point.

Unlike Manning and Brady, Brees needs a good offensive line to be effective because of his height. Make it a priority this off-season and you’ll see him making better decisions next year. I think it’s too early to start looking for the heir to the helm for when Brees retires.

Lastly, Sean Payton needs to find a cave or some isolated setting and have a heart to heart with himself. The play-calling this year did not work. Look at the film all you want but it simply did not work. If he wants to continue calling plays he’s got to update his offensive philosophies or he will continue to ruin his reputation as an innovative coach.

He could just hand it off to Pete Carmichael, but Payton had a role in building this team to the championship-caliber it was in 2009. He should be the one to fix it and get the Saints on-track.

Yes, this was a disappointing season from the Saints. Sean Payton, Drew Brees, Jimmy Graham, and everyone else earning a dollar on this team drastically under-performed this season. Does that mean the Saints Superbowl window is closed?

Let’s just say I’m going to need a little more evidence to believe that these superstars are finished. There is still too much talent on this team to believe that they will duplicate this pitiful performance next year. Anyone who believes so is viewing the team through gloom-tinted glasses.