Picking against the Saints again? Betting on the Seahawks, Broncos, and Lions in Week 8 Pick’em!

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Oct 19, 2014; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (right) and wide receiver Jordy Nelson (left) react after a Packers touchdown in the third quarter against the Carolina Panthers at Lambeau Field. The Packers beat the Panthers 38-17. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Who Dat Dish NFL Pick’em keeps on truckin’ with a weekly edition of picks. Last week, the majority of the staff went 10-5, but Federico led the pack going 11-4. Andrew continues to hold on the top spot, and is up by four games over Simon, MacGyver, and myself. Let’s look at the overall standings after Week Seven:

  1. Andrew (@ShootsMcGavin), 72-33-1
  2. Simon (@Daugulis), 68-37-1
  3. John (@JohnJHendrix), 68-37-1
  4. MacGyver (@SaintsTailgate), 68-37-1
  5. Barry (@HarahanWhoDat), 67-38-1
  6. Federico (@FedeFerrari10), 66-39-1
  7. Ryne (@RHancock19), 60-45-1
  8. Ian (@IDear_Sports), 59-46-1

In case you forgot, here’s the teams on the bye week this week: Giants, 49ers. We’ve got another fifteen total games to pick from this week, and here’s how Week Eight plays out. I have to be honest with you, there’s so many picks that can go either way.

Disclaimer: Picks against the Saints

Thoughts from John

San Diego at Denver

You’re not wrong to think an upset could be brewing here, but given the fact that defensively teams have not had an answer for Peyton Manning and company, I expect the Broncos to continue rolling.

Detroit at Atlanta

How do you like the sound of waking up in the morning to watch a football game? It’s at 8:30 CST/ 9:30 ET. Does the West Coast even get up early enough to watch this game? There’s rumors that Calvin Johnson might be playing for this game, but one would think that he’d be a decoy. If the Lions have proven anything, it’s the fact that they can beat you without Calvin Johnson, because defense.

Seattle at Carolina

I’d hate to be the Panthers right now, they have the reeling defending Super Bowl Champs heading to town to try and break a two-game skid. I’d like to think that the real Seahawks show up this time. Then again, the Panthers have been known to steal some games at home.

Baltimore at Cincinatti

I still believe that the Bengals defense is suspect, and with A.J. Green (the Ravens killer) on the sidelines, I don’t anticipate that the Bengals can do enough to overcome the Ravens. It is a divisional matchup, so you never know, but my gut tells me to stick with the Ravens, who are playing better.

Miami at Jacksonville

The Jags earned their first victory of the season last week against the Browns. Can they repeat against a Dolphins team coming fresh off an upset victory over the Bears at Soldier Field? Yes. Will they? No. I liked what I saw from the Dolphins defense last week, and they’re not exactly playing Jay Cutler.

St. Louis at Kansas City

Despite the Week One loss at home to the Titans, the Chiefs have been a fairly solid team. Yes, they lost to the Broncos and 49ers, but those were only one possession games. The Rams and their special teams witchcraft is commendable, but that stadium can rupture anyone’s ear drums, and makes it especially difficult on Austin Davis. Hopefully, Alex Smith was paying attention to what Russell Wilson did last week.

Chicago at New England

If you’re a Bears fan, you might be used to what’s going on in Chicago. Jay Cutler has been called out by teammate Brandon Marshall, and has been subject to much criticism, especially from former Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher. The Bears have yet to win a game at home this season, and maybe that’s a good sign for them as they travel to New England. However, the Pats are 3-0 at home, and haev outscored opponents by a +33 differential. Will more Cutler trade rumors evolve after this game?

Buffalo at New York Jets

I never thought I’d say this, but the Bills have a glorious chance this Sunday. They’re trying to keep pace with the Patriots for the AFC East. Sure, they have downed running backs, and that hurts. However, Kyle Orton has found a way to get things done. The Jets have won four of the last six matchups against the Bills, but the Bills have won two of the last three. I’ll take the Bills, but not with confidence.

Minnesota at Tampa Bay

When you have two


struggling teams, a game like this is what you want to help build some sort of confidence. I’d have a better chance of hitting the Pick Six before confidently projecting a winner in this matchup. I’ll take the Vikings because of their defense.

Houston at Tennessee

I always think ‘Old Oilers’ versus ‘New Oilers’ when I think about this matchup. The days when Warren Moon ran the ‘Run and Shoot’ offense in the Astrodome, and torched secondaries. They were such a talented team, but fell completely apart in the playoffs. Maybe I dated myself a little bit, but let’s look at this matchup. The Texans are in a major slump, losing their last three games. However, the Texans have won three of their last four against the Titans. Despite this, I have a feeling that rookie quarterback Zach Mettenberger will shock us all, and it’s my upset of the week.

Philadelphia at Arizona

I’d tell you that this is my personal pick for ‘Game of the Week’. I have this knack for not betting against the Cardinals at home. Why? 9-2 at home since last season. Their last loss to a non-divisional opponent at home was nearly two years ago – Chicago Bears, December 23, 2012. I don’t intend on picking against them here, but I know the Eagles will give them a great run for their money.

Oakland at Cleveland

Naturally, I picked the Browns last week, and they let me down. Oakland is sure due for a victory, but here’s to hoping I don’t get burned again for taking the Browns. I mean, they’re at home after all.

Indianapolis at Pittsburgh

I might be inclined to tell you that the Colts are doomed for a loss on the road, even if they have won five straight. The Steelers have to worry that the Colts have the second highest point differential in the NFL at a +80, only behind the Baltimore Ravens (+89). I know it will be a fairly close game, but arguably, the Colts are one of the best teams playing football right now.

Green Bay at New Orleans

It’s a must win scenario for the Saints. Will they keep their impeccable prime time at home record intact? Or will their hair be on fire after this game?

Washington at Dallas

This has the makings of a classic trap game for the Cowboys, as they’ll face a familiar Texas protégé, Colt McCoy. The Cowboys are 19-5 against the Redskins since the start of the millenium, and have won five of the last seven matchups. On Monday Night Football, it’s a slightly different story, as they face off with their 16th matchup. The Cowboys lead the MNF series 8-7, and have won four of the last five. What I’m getting at with all of this is that there’s a chance for the Redskins, but only a tiny chance.

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