Week 3 NFL Power Rankings


Sep 14, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; Chicago Bears cornerback Tim Jennings (26) and strong safety Danny McCray (29) and strong safety Brock Vereen (45) and strong safety Ryan Mundy (21) celebrate after causing a turnover against the San Francisco 49ers during the fourth quarter at Levi

Week 3 NFL Power Rankings

Bears, Bills, Chargers, Packers rise – Broncos are the ‘New Sheriff in Town’

You know why I love football? Because it’s completely unpredictable. Just when you think the favored team is going to win, then here comes a haymaker from out of nowhere to change the game. It’s time for Week 3 NFL Power Rankings! Enjoy!

32. Jacksonville Jaguars (0-2) | Previous Ranking: 27 (-5)

Just when I give the Jaguars a little bit of credit, they just look awful. They go back to where the belonged at the beginning of the season.

31. Oakland Raiders (0-2) | Previous Ranking: 28 (-3)

So much for that short-lived power ranking, the Raiders (like the Jags) go back where they belong. How funny was that James Jones play?

30. Kansas City Chiefs (0-2) | Previous Ranking: 30

Despite hanging with Denver, the Chiefs still have major concerns, and now add more injuries (Charles and Berry) to the list.

29. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (0-2) | Previous Ranking: 26 (-3)

If you can’t even defeat a Rams team led by their third option at quarterback at home, then there’s a problem..

28. New York Giants (0-2) | Previous Ranking: 25 (-3)

Eli looked better, but was killed by his receivers’ inability to catch the ball. It’s not looking like many things are going right in New York.

27. Washington Redskins (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 32 (+5)

That RGIII injury was gruesome, but more importantly, the Skins defense pummeled the Jags all day. Kirk Cousins, it’s your show.

26. St. Louis Rams (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 31 (+5)

Admit it, you knew Austin Davis was going to win. Oh wait, you can’t? Neither could I.

25. Dallas Cowboys (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 29 (+4)

Good ju-ju for the Cowboys this week, Demarco Murray ran wild.

24. Minnesota Vikings (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 22 (-2)

34 points on the Rams defense, who was thought to be very fearsome. What’s more impressive is that they did this in St. Louis. Norv Turner has unleashed the Vikes offense.

23. New York Jets (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 20 (-3)

If you want the definition of ‘meltdown’, then just see the Jets in Week 2. That one stung.

22. Cleveland Browns (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 24 (+2)

Give the Browns a ton of credit for knocking off the heavily favored New Orleans Saints at home.

21. Tennessee Titans (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 17 (-4)

Well, you had a chance to make us real believers against the Cowboys.

20. Indianapolis Colts (0-2) | Previous Ranking: 15 (-5)

Like the Saints, this is a very talented team. However, they need to produce a victory this week, and will have to visit Jacksonville.

19. Houston Texans (2-0) | Previous Ranking: 23 (+4)

That defense looked great. Maybe I’m giving them too much of a bump, but they have to go somewhere.

18. Baltimore Ravens (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 18

The Ravens certainly made the most of their situation, and earned an impressive victory over the Steelers.

17. Miami Dolphins (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 11 (-6)

I’m wondering how much the Knowshon Moreno injury affects this team.

16. New Orleans Saints (0-2) | Previous Ranking: 12 (-4)

I refuse to think that this team will continue a downward spiral. The Saints are too talented to be in this spot. Look for a rebound.

15. Detroit Lions (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 10 (-5)

Was that Lions new offense just a one week showing because it was the Giants? They looked pretty bad in Carolina.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 9 (-5)

The Steelers had an outstanding opportunity to kick the Ravens while they were down, but failed to do so.

13. Buffalo Bills (2-0) | Previous Ranking: 21 (+8)

I almost hate putting the Bills here, because I know they will let me (and Buffalo) down.

12. Atlanta Falcons (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 7 (-5)

A short-lived visit to the Top 10 was spoiled by the Bengals. How does this team respond? Was the victory over the Saints just a one-hit wonder?

11. Chicago Bears (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 16(+4)

No one, including myself, gave the Bears much of a chance. Give them credit, but losing Charles ‘Peanut’ Tillman for the season will sting.

10. San Diego Chargers (1-1) Previous Ranking: 19 (+9)

Beating the defending Super Bowl Champs is one thing, but when you torch their secondary the way Rivers did? That’s a huge jump for you.

9. Green Bay Packers (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 14 (+8)

Just when you thought the Packers could join the 0-2 club, they rally to defeat the Jets.

8. New England Patriots (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 13 (+5)

That’s more like what we’d expect from the Pats. They absolutely destroyed the Vikings.

7. San Francisco 49ers (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 3 (-4)

The Bears may have spoiled things for the opening game at Levi Stadium, but this is still way too talented a team to think they’ll plummet.

6. Seattle Seahawks (1-1) | Previous Ranking: 1 (-5)

Despite a loss, the Seahawks still possess a potent threat. One wonders if they will continue to have road struggles, and if teams will replicate the success that Rivers had.

5. Carolina Panthers (2-0) | Previous Ranking: 8 (+3)

The Panthers are getting plays from all over the place, and they just shutdown Megatron and company.

4. Arizona Cardinals (2-0) | Previous Ranking: 6 (+2)

The Cardinals were able to win with Drew Stanton. Does that mean the Giants are that bad, or the Cards are that good?

3. Cincinnati Bengals (2-0) | Previous Ranking: 5 (+2)

The Bengals handle the Falcons and then some on Sunday, they are looking more impressive by the week.

2. Philadelphia Eagles (2-0) | Previous Ranking: 4 (+2)

The Eagles are showing everyone that no lead is safe. Chip Kelly has got things firing on all cylinders in Philly, will it last?

1. Denver Broncos (2-0) | Previous Ranking: 2 (+1)

Omaha-ing their way into the top spot is no surprise.

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