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January 22, 2014; Ko

We’re coming up on the ‘home stretch’ of the free agency wait period, as teams are announcing more roster moves by the hour. While the Saints look to be content with where they are for the moment, all things related to the team usually circle back to Jimmy Graham.

Mike Triplett | | Losing Graham seems highly unlikely

"Graham will be allowed to negotiate with other teams, starting Tuesday. But another team would have to both outbid the Saints on a long-term contract offer and be willing to sacrifice two first-round draft picks to pry him away. The Saints would have the right to match any offer Graham signs elsewhere."

This is why they call it a ‘rumor’, as there have been ridiculous claims from alleged teams that would pursue Graham. Some of those teams included were the Jets, Seahawks, and Packers. No one doubts the ability of Jimmy Graham, but honestly, absorbing his cost with two first round draft picks seems absurd.

Jeff Duncan | | Why Drew Brees is underpaid: Thursday’s Dunc Shot

"The initial reaction to this dilemma is to target Brees and his five-year, $100 million contract. As with most knee-jerk reactions, this one is flawed. Brees isn’t overpaid. He’s actually underpaid. And it’s never more apparent than during free agency, when the NFL Haves and Have Nots battle for talent."

An interesting video from Jeff Duncan, and perhaps a different perspective on things for Saints fans. I know everyone automatically points the finger at the man who makes the money, but Brees is easily going to be a first ballot Hall of Famer. He hasn’t shown signs of slowing down.

Larry Holder | | New Orleans Saints free agency outlook: wide receiver

"Saints position priority: mediumWhat the Saints might do in free agency: The Saints might focus on keeping their own potential free agents rather than sorting through the pile of solid, but not great, wide receivers who are going to hit the open market."

It’s hard to think that the Saints would even have someone like Eric Decker on their radar. Sure, he would be a great addition, but with the limited funds on the salary cap, it’s only a pipe dream. I don’t understand why we continue to overlook someone like Andy Tanner, but perhaps the Saints are hoping to get another rookie out of the draft like Kenny Stills.

Naomi Martin | | NOPD declined Darren Sharper’s offer to fly himself to New Orleans because of seriousness of rape allegations

"Sitting in a Los Angeles jail, former Saints safety Darren Sharper faces a hearing Friday (March 7) to determine whether he will be extradited to New Orleans after authorities here issued a warrant for his arrest in two rape cases."

If you want your own personal version of hell, maybe you should just look at the life of Darren Sharper. There’s not much else to say about what’s going on, but you just wonder, how could it get any worse?

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