Saints Postgame Press Conference: Drew Brees


An emotional and oddly illuminated Drew Brees spoke to the media after the 23-15 season-ending loss in Seattle. He started off with a praise of the running game that has been very effective since the first quarter and helped the team to move the ball efficiently:

"We had some drives, […] opportunities to get points and we weren’t able to cash in and obviously in a game like this when every point, every opportunity count so much you gotta be able to take advantage of those."

Yes, finishing drives positively has been a huge problem all game long against the Seahawks: not only the two missed field goals but also the two failed 4th-and-short conversions put the team in a difficult position to overcome the deficit.

Brees addressed the bad weather and how the wind affected him:

"The conditions were very unpredictable at times […] but man, you just have to play. […] The one to Lance Moore […] I felt like I threw it right at him and it kinda just took off. We had a pretty stiff wind."

Other than the wind there’s one more factor that seemed to affect Brees’ accuracy: the gloves. He clearly wasn’t comfortable throwing the ball, apparently all the wet ball drills during the week of preparation haven’t been very useful.

In the end when asked about his future and the future of his team he really got emotional, barely holding back the tears:

"You know, the closer you get the more it hurts, the more it stings. You also realize that in this league […] there are some of those guys you aren’t gonna be playing with anymore. […] So there’s guys that perhaps you played with for, you know, few years [and] you kinda form a special bond with then all of a sudden, you know, they’re gone and it’s a different team. And also this is my thirteenth year and you just don’t know how many more opportuinities you have to play this game and compete at this level."

How can you not think about Jimmy Graham, a soon-to-be unrestricted free agent? If it makes you feel a bit better here’s what Graham said after the game when asked about his contract situation:

"Well, I have to figure out what’s going to happen. We’ll see. […] Obviously this is a great city, a great team. I love Drew Brees. I told them I would like to retire with him. Hopefully it will happen."

I don’t know what’s gonna happen with Jimmy Graham but I do know it’s gonna be a long offseason. Way too long.

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