Bills vs. Saints: Questions With the Enemy


It’s about time for the Buffalo Bills to face off with the New Orleans Saints, so that means we went to our rival’s Fansided blog and got some questions from the enemy team answered.

Here’s Dennis Amo, lead editor for Buffalowdown, and here is what he had to say about the upcoming game. You can also check out our interview with him here.

1. How can Thad Lewis overcome a road environment like the Dome and a borderline top 10 Saints defense? 

Without a doubt, it will be a difficult place to playing for any quarterback, let alone one that has just begun his starting career per se.  Thad Lewis has to play the Bills game ad his game.  The coaching staff has doe a fantastic job of creating schemes that fit the players abilities which is a key to winning.  Lewis has to stick with what he knows and tofocus in on that and not let everything else worry him.  He is a smart quarterback and is able to work this offense to a win, as we saw last week . For him anything is possible.

2. Talk about how important Fred Jackson is to this victory, especially with C.J. Spiller having a bit of a down year this season. 

Jackson has been a rock for the Bills.  Spiller has been injured for most of the year and really hasn’t had an opportunity to do what he wants to do.  They have worked well together and this is the first time since 1982 that the Bills ahve two backs that are over the 350 mark for yards at week 7.  The running game is what is keeping this offense in games and helping to move the ball.  Jackson is a big part of that and expect to see a big dose of Jackson this week.

3. Any under-the-radar players Saints fans should watch out for on Sunday?

The rookies!  Robert Woods and Marquise Goodwin.  I would saw Kiko Alonso but he is not really under the radar at this point.  But still someone to watch.  Woods is able to find space for Thad Lewis to throw to him and he is getting those double digit targets each week.  He is fast and smart as a wide out.  Goodwin is an Olympic Long Jump star.  He has speed to give.  If he gets space on a return he is gone.  He is also a pretty good receiver and a deep threat as well.

4. Three keys for the Saints to win? 

1. The Bills are still putting together their secondary and with Byrd coming back for his second game, it will be tougher but still a weak point for the Bills.  Attack the Bills deep and spread them out.  They will have a tough time staying with the receivers for the Saints man to man.
2. After spreading them out, hit them with the run.  A little Play Action.  The Bills will have moved to a nickel or Dime defense and wont have the personnel in to really stop the run.
3. The major focus for the offensive line needs to be the front 7.  Mike Pettine is able to create different looks each week for the same plays.  Brees is a smart QB but even the samrt ones make a mistake.  The O-line needs to be able to stop the rush and that is probably the biggest key.  When the Bills defensive line gets pressure the Bills keep the games close.

5. Final prediction with reasoning? 

This is a tough one.  The Saints are a playoff team.  The Bills, not so much at this point.  The Bills also have a tendency to be in game and try against tougher opponents and make games out of them.  It is also tough to go against my team.  The Bills keep it close, defense wins games, they are able to shut the running game down.  The Bills win 26-24 late in the 4th.

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