I’ve been absent from writing for a while now because I was required to use two differe..."/> I’ve been absent from writing for a while now because I was required to use two differe..."/> I’ve been absent from writing for a while now because I was required to use two differe..."/>

Bills Will Be Immolated By Saints


I’ve been absent from writing for a while now because I was required to use two different laptops to accomplish one task. I’m not going to go into details, but I’m the kind of moron who thinks he can just fix anything and nothing ever really needs to be replaced. Not anymore.

So, I guess here goes nothing. I got this computer so that I would have the capability to actually write from home but all I’ve done up to this point is dick around with applications and the appearance of things in Windows 8. Oh, how sweet it is to be able to do something like this from the comfort of my own home again and not have to force myself to write bits and pieces of things in between handling clients’ issues and making sales. Or showing up early in the morning with the intention of writing only to find that something catastrophic happened after I’d left for the day previously and would instead spend my allotted writing time taking care of business.

Now back to real life: Football.

The lowly Buffalo Bills are making the trek into the Mercedes Benz Superdome tomorrow. Feels like it’s been months since that Patriots debacle, doesn’t it?

I haven’t really paid any attention to the Bills other than their quarterback carousel. I never thought they were all that good of a team, although EJ Manuel did exceed the expectations I had for him. He looks to be a pretty good starting quarterback and there isn’t much more than that to be asked of a rookie.  Honestly, I haven’t even bothered to look up the stats to see how we match up against them for this Sunday’s game. I went on a killer fishing trip in Delacroix over the bye week and then had a crazy work week to boot. But those aren’t the real reasons that I didn’t do my homework. In reality, I didn’t do shit because I am still pissed about the way the Patriots game went down and it really took more of a psychological toll on me (more than I care to admit, for sure) than any loss in recent (regular season) memory. But, things are looking up. I’ve had a week filled with distractions and as I sit here watching crappy college football while typing on my new computer, I am getting pumped for tomorrow’s game.

Jimmy Graham may be out, but I think this is a game that he can probably afford to miss. If we can somehow manage to run the ball like we did against the Pats with the best results thus far until we abandoned it when we had the chance to ice the game, this should free up our receivers and Ben Watson – who is not that much of a drop off from Graham. And thank all things good that Lance Moore is back. I know there was a lot of bitching about his lack of productivity early in the season, but I think he may have been playing injured. Just look at how long he’s been out and ask yourselves if he may have had an injury or two that he was playing through.

All in all, I really do feel bad for the Bills. Coming into the dome facing a pissed off Saints team that just lost a tough game to a good team on the road, which may or may not have been decided by the many questionable calls all going against the road team. Most would think that the bye week means that the team has just put the Pats game behind them, and that’s surely what the players have been spouting to the media since, but that’s just not human nature. Shit hurts. It sticks with you. And when you have your first chance to go out and do something about it, what do you do? Leave questions unanswered? Hell no. You go out there and annihilate your opponent. It matters not what the situation is. Got screwed over at work? Girlfriend cheated like the whore that you secretly knew she was? Got arrested for some bullshit 10 year old traffic attachment? Yeah, you move on momentarily, but you make sure to get yours when the situation presents itself. Luckily for NFL players, that situation presents itself on a weekly basis, unless it’s January we’re talking about.

Go get yours, Jabari. We saw the tears in your eyes at your locker being interviewed in Foxborough. Say, Sproles, I’m not sure if you actually remember it happening because of how hard you got hit, though I’m sure you saw it on tape, but go out there and break someone’s ankles when they try to knock you out of the game and take that thing to the house.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. The Bills and the rest of the league probably think things are pretty cold since two weeks have passed since that bullshit against those Massholes, and the Saints are right for letting them think that it is. Because, come Sunday, that’s gonna be some hot-as-hell, straight out of the boil “I’m just testing ‘em, man. I know they gotta soak some more!” revenge that the Bills are just the unfortunate bastards who have to be on the receiving end of it.

SCORE PREDICTION: Saints 45-15 Bills (that’s 5 field goals, for those of you thinking of other ways to get 15)

Go ahead and take that shit to the bank.

Who dat, y’all?