Should We Vote Brees Into The Pro Bowl, Or Wait For The Super Bowl?


Jan 27, 2013, Honolulu, HI, USA; General view of the most valuable player trophy at the 2013 Pro Bowl at Aloha Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Hmmm… Now dat one’s a tough decision! …(not) Yes, most of us would like to believe that the New Orleans Saints have a pretty good chance of getting into the Super Bowl this year, and the smart money says we do. One of the biggest obstacles would be injuries, and we’ve already had more than our fair share.

Many of the injuries were in the defensive squad, yet our new defensive coordinator Rob Ryan still refused to buckle under the pressure. After having the worst defense in the history of the NFL only last year, here we find ourselves with a record of 5-1, fired up fans, and a fired up football team!

To what do we owe the honor? Hmmm… Dat ones kinda’ hard to pin down. The biggest reason would have to be getting our head coach Sean Payton back. Another reason would be Sean’s decision to hire Rob Ryan to head up our failing defense. I don’t know about you, but I was spooked when I read about that signing.

Still, Rob Ryan has pulled off nothing short of a near miracle so far, and shows no sign of taking his foot off the gas pedal. We better not forget Mickey Loomis. Mickey keeps a low profile in the media and spends most of his time in the office, but he helped Sean put together a fine draft this season.

You can also credit Loomis for helping to “fill in the gaps” in the roster when we had an injury we couldn’t fill with a backup, or from the practice squad. Another newcomer to the Saints coaching staff, and backup to Rob Ryan is our new secondary coach, Wesley McGriff. His contribution to our record is subtle but very real.

So, we’ve established a number of reasons why Drew Brees might not be able to play in the 2014 Pro Bowl, but is that an excuse not to vote him in anyway? Nope… It’s an honor he deserves. As you recall last season he barely squeaked in as an alternate. Let’s vote him in now, and worry about the Super Bowl later!

You can do it easily with this link: This link will take you straight to an official “Drew Brees Vote Button”

Thanks guys.