2013 Saints Schedule Breakdown: Week 10-11


The following four games are tough, to say the least. That’s what they call the (2013) moment of truth: four weeks to show if you are for real. Cowboys, 49ers, Falcons, Seahawks. Let’s see the offseason’s impact on each of those teams.

Week 10 vs. Dallas Cowboys


Tony Romo just received a big contract extension. Now he wants to show he’s worth it. He’s got weapons (Jason Witten, Dez Bryant,  Miles Austin), protection (they drafted C Travis Frederick in the first round this year, and the main concern was the defensive line) and motivation. DeMarco Murray will help him with the running game but the No. 1 priority has to hurry the quarterback because we what happens when Romo is under pressure…

Defense is average but their ability to pressure the opponent quarterback is exceptional: Ware is a beast and Spencer is more and more consistent. If they can add a better pressure on the inside that D-line can be devastating.

Why the Saints can win this game: keep a clean pocket for Brees and he’ll do the rest. Plus, the secondary has to step up.

Why the Saints can lose this game: Patrick Robinson covers Dez Bryant like he did last year. Boy was that tough to watch.

Week 11 vs. San Francisco 49ers

What can you say about the Niners defense? Some experts think Seattle is better. I believe they’re still No. 1. Drafted S Eric Reid from LSU in the first round, signed CB Nnamdi Asomugah because the secondary wasn’t scary enough (ok, also because Dashon Goldson is a Buccaneer now). Linebackers? 10/10. D-line? 8/10: they lost Isaac Sopoaga to the Eagles. Ok, enough with the bad news. Maybe. The good news is that they don’t have many NFL-caliber receivers: even if he didn’t developed a great chemistry with Kaepernick last season I think Vernon Davis is going to adjust and Anquan Boldin comes from a very good season but with both Michael Crabtree and Mario Manningham out the situation doesn’t look very good. The fact is you don’t necessarily need to throw the ball when you can run it with veteran Frank Gore, second-year back LaMichael James and Mr. Read-Option Colin Kaepernick.

Why the Saints can win this game: last year the Saints defense was able to give up ”just” 144 yards. If they can repeat that, the secondary should be better and able to make some plays and create some turnovers.

Why the Saints can lose this game: if the defense gets the better of Drew Brees it’s going to get ugly.

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