2013 Saints Outlook: Highest and Lowest Priced Home Games


The New Orleans Saints went from potential Super Bowl contender to a dreary 0-4 start in 2012, but with the return of head coach Sean Payton, we’re sensing loads of value in their 2013 home game schedule.

Without Payton last year, the Saints struggled to find balance all year long, and too often relied on quarterback Drew Brees. That lead to another 5,000+ yard season for Brees, as well as a boatload of points for the offense, but it also lead to 19 interceptions and far too many losses.

This season, Payton is back at the wheel and has already vowed to have a more balanced offense on the field, as well as a more consistent defense.No one is suggesting the Saints are locked-in for a Super Bowl just yet (well, maybe Who Dat Nation), but we at least sees a ridiculous amount of value in their home game tickets. Considering their home games are around $269 on average, that’s pretty impressive.

Without further haste, let’s jump right into the Saints’ top home games for 2013:

 Top 3 Most Expensive Home Games

  •  (11/10) vs. Dallas Cowboys | Avg: $435 | Get-in: $180

The Cowboys and Saints don’t mess around. These two have combined for two gut-wrenchers the last two times they faced off, and there are usually big plays and enough points on the board to make the price worth it. Tony Romo vs. Drew Brees remains an epic clash die hard Saints fans don’t want to miss.

  •  (9/8) vs. Atlanta Falcons | Avg: $332 | get-in: $135

Surprisingly cheaper than the Saints’ date with Dallas, the Saints will take on their hated division rivals in the season opener. Not only does this game hold a ton of weight for the division and should be high-scoring, but it’s also New Orleans’ season home opener. If that’s not worth paying more than the home game average, what game is?

  •  (11/17) vs. San Francisco 49ers | Avg: $308 | Get-in: $104

The 49ers round out the top three and are clearly worthy of the hefty $300+ price tag. The nice thing is this matchup has a solid get-in price, though, and has the Saints taking on the defending NFC champs. Drew Brees fell apart late with interceptions in this same matchup last year, but this one should be another thriller if he can keep it together a little better.

 Top 3 Home Game Value Buys

  •  (9/22) vs. Arizona Cardinals | Avg: $198 | Get-in: $62

Clearly the Saints are the better team with more talent, but with Carson Palmer now under center for the Cards, there’s a legit chance for a bit of a shootout. The Saints are going to be favored in the dome, though, and this one is a nice value for Saints fans. The $62 get-in price is a great value, as well.

  •  (10/27) vs. Buffalo Bills | Avg: $207 | Get-in: $63

Saints fans could get treated to a blowout win here, as C.J. Spiller is the only thing that can truly scare them in this matchup. Kevin Kolb or E.J. Manuel simply won’t be able to match Brees and the Saints high-powered passing attack on the road.

  •  (12/29) vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers | Avg: $209 | Get-in: $54

Here’s an extremely underrated division rivalry that should be of excellent value come late in December. Not only have the Buccaneers become a bit of a problem lately for the Saints, but this game comes late in the year with playoff seeding on the line. With everything considered, this might actually be New Orleans’ best value game of 2013.