Eric Fragel is a player that intrigues me especially after his private visit with the Saints.   He has al..."/> Eric Fragel is a player that intrigues me especially after his private visit with the Saints.   He has al..."/>

Will Fragel Rock?


Nov 17, 2012; Madison, WI, USA; Ohio State Buckeyes offensive lineman Reid Fragel (77) during the game against the Wisconsin Badgers at Camp Randall Stadium. Ohio State defeated Wisconsin 21-14 in overtime. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Eric Fragel is a player that intrigues me especially after his private visit with the Saints.   He has all of the measurables for an offensive tackle.  His height is 6.8 and arm width 33 inches.  His football character is off the charts.  When Ohio State lost its starting tackles in 2011, he moved from the blocking tight end position to tackle and added the necessary weight.  (He was more comfortable as a tackling tight end than a route runner.)  His durability is there–he played all 12 games at right tackle.  He was so impressive coach Urban Meyer has decided from now on that any player who comes out of nowhere to shine will earn the “Reid Fragel Award.”  He has also played basketball and competed in track and field.  He comes from a family of athletes.  Has been said he is the nicest person off the field but has a nasty streak on the field.  and CBS Sports analyses:  He does not play like a typical former tight end.

Run Game.  He gets after the DE on the outside and moves DLine men off the line of scrimmage in the run game with leverage and strong legs.  Quick off of the snap to block tackles and can take linebackers out of the hole for running plays.  Picks up interior blitzes and is not ridden outside by the DE.  Attacks the inside shoulder of DLinemen to put his body in the correct position

Pass Protection.  Attacks the DE’s in pass protection and rides them around in the pocket.  He flashes lateral movements and has a quick step to cut off the edge rushers.  Can mirror spin moves and cut off the inside lane for rushers.  Widens his base to prevent getting bulled. Uses effective angles.

Overall.  Shows recovery speed if he takes a wrong step out of the snap.  Shoulders are over toes when he moves to second level.  Plays with attitude and will finish plays.  Continues to fight even in put in a losing position.

Weaknesses.  Needs to use his hands more consistently to control his target off the snap. Strength lacking in grip and can be moved off balance.  His over aggressiveness can be taken advantage of as DLine men can get him off balance.  Must use his feet more to keep proper position to avoid being shedded.  Often lunges and gets off balance.  Needs technique work.  Had some false start penalties and   can get grabby yielding holding calls.  Limited experience on the left side and needs more weight for the right side.

Rankings.  He has been moving steadily up draft boards

Walter Football – #17

CBS Sports – #14

Draft Tek – #5

SB Nation – #10

Conclusion.  Reid Fragel would be a project to develop as a tackle for the Saints.  He has a lot of the right ingredients and will be available at the right time to be drafted.  He has durability and football smarts on his side.  Most assessment of any college tackle include lunging and getting off balance, those shortcomings can be fixed.  He would be a great pick up at the right time but he is raw.