For The Baltimore Ravens Fans The Memories Of Ray Lewis Live On


Sep 23, 2012; Baltimore, MD, USA; Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis (52) prior to the game against the New England Patriots at M

It’s been pondered a bit online by some writers if the Ravens beloved middle linebacker Ray Lewis made the right decision in announcing his retirement before their first and perhaps last playoff game of the season. The pro’s and cons are neither here nor there, because it’s Ray’s decision to make, and if he’s done anything in his long and illustrious career he’s earned the right to decide when it’s time to hang up his Jersey.

The coaches can’t second guess him, the players can’t second guess him, and even the fans can’t second guess him. If any guessing is to be done it would be that he has earned the right to spend more time with his family. Ray has earned the right to spend more time with his wife, and spend more time on the sidelines when his sons play football. His sons will be trying to live up to the standard he has created for them to follow, and it’s easier with him around to guide and teach them.

Timing is everything in the game of football, and nobody is better at choosing the right instant to act than Ray Lewis. There may be perhaps four other players in NFL history that did it as well, but none can be said to have a better grasp of it than Ray. Having nearly perfect timing is perhaps the second best reason Ray is one of the best men to ever play football: his heart and spirit may have to be counted first.

My feelings on his timing are that it was the right decision to make with regards to the fans. They will cherish the next game even more knowing they may never see Ray play again. I’m sure my Ravens writer Kim, aka “Korave” will be at M&T Bank Stadium on Sunday, decked out in her best purple garb to watch to watch her man Ray play. Kim would want to know to “cherish the moment”, and she most assuredly will.

The best news that the Ravens fans could have gotten would be that he won’t disappear off their television screens like a ghost into the mist. That wish has come true with the announcement that Lewis will be working as an analyst for ESPN, and will figure prominently into ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown. For Ray’s sake and his fans I hope that comes to pass.

The memories Of Ray Lewis will live on. Congratulations Ray for your new career, and thanks for what you’ve done for your team and the fans who love you.

Edit by the author: After the Ravens win last weekend, the fans get to see Ray play at least one more week!