Saints fans can expect more of the same from Drew Brees…good and bad


Though the New Orleans Saints may be all but eliminated from their postseason hopes for this season, don’t expect quarterback Drew Brees to ease off the gas pedal at all for the next three games.

Now you can take that either way you want on a positive or a negative note because it could go either way.  Brees is a competitor and it has been his double-edged sword that he has had to fall on this year.

There is no doubt that he will one day be a first ballot Hall Of Fame candidate when the time comes because of that competitive nature but it’s also become his “dark passenger” if you will for those of you who watch Showtime Network’s “Dexter.”

The one thing that Brees hates worse than not having his pregame “Cheesy Mac” concoction is losing.  And watching him this season it’s obvious that his drive to win is in overdrive.  Unfortunately it’s in reverse.

Right now Brees is on track to match or eclipse his 22 interception mark set during what could deemed as the Saints Super Bowl Slump in 2010.  With three games to go, Brees has thrown 9 interceptions in the past three games.

Brees fans are quick to take up for the franchise quarterback with things like “it was the receiver’s fault” or “Hey it was tipped.”  While that is true, he has made throws this season that have come out late, under thrown, overthrown, or flat out just didn’t look like a Brees throw.

In an ironic twist before the game against the New York Giants, Brees said following a 5 interception game against the Atlanta Falcons that he would still stay aggressive for Sunday’s game.

Brees didn’t go back on his word and threw for 354 yards and a touchdown.  But he also racked up two interceptions, both on some questionable throws into coverage to tight end Jimmy Graham with one of them, for Brees defenders, being tipped by Graham.

Following the Giants game, Brees said this about his recent rash of interceptions,

"Obviously we’ve been behind in some of these games so you’re taking some chances that you might not ordinarily take. Some of them have been poor throws, just bad location; could’ve thrown a little better. There have been some that have been bad decisions. You want to get rid of those. Others have been bad luck. Your arm gets hit or the ball gets tipped and whatever it might be; those are the unfortunate ones and yet, it still falls on you the quarterback."

With the final three games being ones that may not make or break the Saints, Brees doesn’t seem to be slowing down so fans should be surprised if he still wants to sling the ball down the field, saying yesterday,

"Each of these games is so important, still so important, because we have a lot of prideful guys. We’re not about to shut it down and feel like the season is lost. There’s still a lot that can be done."