New Orleans Saints: Things We Learned Against The Bucs

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I didn’t like the soft zone that was called on Tampa’s final drive any more than you did, allowing them to march right down the field to have a chance to tie or win the game, but in the end, IT DOESN’T MATTER. NO POINTS WERE SCORED. Take a look at this stat compiled by my friend, The Angry Who Dat:

"Bend but not break? You want to talk about bend but not break? In the second half, the Buccaneers snapped the ball inside the Saints’ 30 yard line 31 times. Thirty-one. 31. And amassed 7 points. 8 plays inside the Saints’ ten gained zero points. On the final drive alone Tampa had six shots inside the thirty in the last minute to play. Nada."

This bend but not break philosophy may create heart attacks, high blood pressure and maybe a little extra drunkenness for those of us watching, but until it kills us, I’m prepared to keep rolling with it.

6) FOX needs some help deciding what should be shown to us on television

I understand the game was a virtual clown car of offensive production and there was nary a dull moment, but there was enough time to show us a John Lynch highlight reel (what in God’s name is he doing calling a Bucs game anyway?).

So there was obviously enough time to show us a compilation video of what happens every time Tiquan Underwood takes off his helmet. You know you would rather have seen that than being forced to watch John Lynch’s homer self tackling some guys.

7) A win is a win is a win

That’s two in a row. Smart people claim that three is a trend. Rip one off in Denver and it’s Super Bowl, baby! Nah, not really, but we’ll be on our way to yet another season where the Saints do things that are just completely unexpected.

We’re going to have to use the Giants’ method of winning a Super Bowl which involves just getting into the playoffs before running the table. That’s fine with me. Before the season started, like many of you, I said I’d be good with 3-3 before Joe Vitt came back. Well, we’re not far off. Here’s a look at the playoff picture as it stands today.

The meat of our schedule starts Sunday, with it not getting easier for a while. We’re looking at two prime time games (where the Saints seem to thrive) Sunday night at the Broncos and Monday night in the Dome against the Eagles, those Dirty Birds in the Dome, a West coast trip to play Oakland and then back home to take on the ‘Niners.

That’s followed by a short week at Atlanta for a Thursday night game and the at the Meadowlands to take on the Giants. That’s one tough stretch before finishing out the year with a three game home stand against Tampa, Dallas and Carolina.

That may appear to be insurmountable considering the start to this season, but hey, if we keep scoring more points than our opponents…

Who dat, y’all!