New Orleans Saints: Things We Learned Against The Bucs

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Oct. 21, 2012; Tampa FL, USA; New Orleans Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma (51) celebrates with wide receiver Devery Henderson (19) during the first half at Raymond James Stadium. The Saints defeated the Buccaneers 35-28. Mandatory Credit: Matt Stamey-US PRESSWIRE

A look at seven things that New Orleans Saints fans learned in the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this past Sunday.

1) The Saints defense makes average quarterbacks look life Hall of Famers.

I am not big on complaining about the defense giving up yards since points are all that matters. It happened again. Lots of yards, still won the game.

You may remember a pretty big game once played in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome against a Brett Favre-led Vikings team where after the game every Vikings fan kept pointing out that we stunk and were going to lose the Super Bowl because they out-gained us in the NFCCG.

How did that work out? I hate rankings being based on yards as the number one indicator of a unit’s success.

2) Malcolm Jenkins hustles

That 95 yard pass play to Vincent Jackson is the key stat in Josh Freeman’s big day for passing yardage but it’s’ also the key stat in the Saints win. The play has been broken down all over the internet and you can easily find it if you try.

Jenkins obviously said to himself, “Oh no ah-ah,” and just took off. Never seen him look that fast on the Saints defense. That play was reminiscent of the strip from the Cowboys game a couple years ago.

3) Greg Schiano isn’t very smart when adjusting from college rules to the NFL

You saw the game, no further explanation necessary.

4) Jonathan Vilma was a factor even in his limited role

If you didn’t watch the game and just looked at his numbers, you’d say we’d be better off without him. But that isn’t how this game works. The inexplicably ruled incomplete pass that was actually an interception by Roman Harper was caused by Vilma getting all up in Freeman’s face.

He also had a big assist in the goal line stand and a pass deflection/near interception. Those are the three that really stand out, and that’s not so bad considering he was only on the field for 19 plays.

5) The defense doesn’t allow many second half points

For the third week in a row, the Saints defense has only allowed 7 second half points. Think about this for a second before you freak out and rant about how much they aren’t very good.

Five times in the second half the Saints defense was on the field. Out of five possessions they allowed one score for seven points, that’s it.  301 yards but only 7 points, that is not something to complain about.