Steve Gleason, New Orleans Saints Players Expected At ALS Walk Saturday



As you might expect it would take a hurricane to keep our favorite Saints safety and special teamer #37 Steve Gleason away from the “Walk To Defeat ALS” in New Orleans tomorrow on the 6th. What isn’t well known however is that members of the Saints team, and perhaps even the errant coach or two may very likely come out to great the Saints fans taking part of the charity event.

Before I go any farther I need to tell you about my friend Bret Gleason. He shares the same name, the same ALS, and the same love for the Saints with Steve Gleason. He’ll be at the ALS walk, but he won’t be walking because he can’t walk anymore. Bret will be in his trusty “WhoDat HotWheels” wheel chair as will Steve Gleason, lol…

My buddy and lifetime Saints fan Bret Gleason told me that he got a cryptic but exciting message about the charity event that made him grin like a possum eating persimmons, lol… There’s a lady at the ALS Association who is heavily involved with the walk, and told him “they have a big surprise for us” at the walk but that she couldn’t say what. The rest is up for speculation, but I know what I expect.

Bret was puzzled at first, then jumped to the same conclusion I did when he realized that the walk would take the fans past the Saints facility, and that the Saints were at home this week. According to Bret: “I’d bet the house that the players will come by for a little bit”… Hell, me? I’d bet the farm on it!

BTW, the following open letter to the WhoDat Nation is reprinted with Bret Gleason’s permission of course.

To My Family and Friends:

"Most of you know I have ALS the same thing Steve Gleason from the Saints has. I was 24 when I was diagnosed. When I was first diagnosed the doctor said I could expect to live 2 to 4 years. Thanks to the love and devotion of my beautiful wife Cindy, all of my family and some great friends I’ve made it 24+ years and still going. Watching all Steve Gleason is doing to help people with ALS has made me realize I’m not involved enough.The ALS association is having their “Walk To Defeat ALS” Saturday October 6th at Zephyr field & LaSalle Park. Check in is at 9:00am, and it’s a modest 1.8 mile walk. The money raised goes to buying equipment like wheelchairs, shower chairs, lifts etc. They also help pay for caregiver services which is a big help, more than you can possibly imagine. I’m putting together a team for the walk and invite all of the WhoDats who can to join us. If you’d like to come out and show your support you have to register at You must register to participate. Click on “Join a Team” and type in our team name ( Bret Gleason’s Team ); the rest is easy.Everyone gets a tee shirt and you have to give your size when you register. This is a fund raiser however there is no minimum to donate. Anything will help. If you can’t participate and want to make a donation you can do so on our team page. It would be great to see many of you we haven’t seen in years. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. We hope to see you there!Love to all, Bret and Cindy Gleason"

The goal of the event in Metairie is to raise $80,000.00, and it’s looking good so far. To date the fans across the Gulf Coast and N’awlins have raised $45,417.99, but there’s still work to be done. We hope that the WhoDat Nation will do what they can to help this worthy cause.

Look, I saved you guys some trouble if you want to get involved. It’s a bit tedious to work through the various pages at to find the Metairie event because there are so many in so many different cities. Here’s the link to the page you need:

To join Bret’s team or to donate, use this link: —> Join or donate to Bret Gleason’s team! <—

Bret has quite a few walkers already but he can use some more. So far Bret and his team have been doing well with donations, let’s help them to stay in the lead! Bear in mind that you can click the name of any team member or captains on that page and make a donation in their name.

WhoDat gonna defeat ALS? …YouDat!