Behind Enemy Lines: An interview with FanSided Network’s Arrowhead Addict Editor Patrick Allen


Sept. 16, 2012; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Kansas City Chiefs running back Peyton Hillis (40) runs the ball against the Buffalo Bills during the second half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Bills beat the Chiefs 35 to 17. Mandatory Credit: Timothy T. Ludwig-US PRESSWIREi

For the match-up between the New Orleans Saints and Kansas City Chiefs, I asked Arrowhead Addict editor Patrick Allen his thoughts on what the Chiefs will do.

1.  Both teams sit at an abysmal 0-2.  If the Chiefs slip to 0-3, how bad of a hole do you think they will be in even though it’s only the start of the season?

"Patrick–It will be a pretty big hole. I’d be less worried if the team was playing well but so far KC looks like garbage. The Saints have lost two but they seemed to have been competitive so I think they have a better chance of digging themselves out. Still, the AFC West is unpredictable and KC’s schedule lightens up a bit in the second half of the season. The Chiefs have talent so it is possible they can turn it around but to do so they will have to win some tough games. And that has to start with beating the Saints."

2.  Quarterback Matt Cassel said he can’t wait to hear the “Stand Up and Get Crunk” song in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome on Sunday.  No pun intended, but after being thought of as someone who could help be a franchise quarterback, do you think he’ll ever “get crunk” with the Chiefs offense?

"Patrick–No. I have said this before but Cassel is as good as the team around him. That is all. But he only does well if the guys around him do well. So the whole team is playing like crap. That means Cassel is playing like crap. We call him Zombie Cassel because he always seems to come back from the dead. He’ll look terrible then have a great game. A franchise QB, in my eyes, has to be someone like Brees who can lift up the guys around him. Cassel can’t do that."

3.  Strong safety Eric Berry had a monster rookie season in 2010 with four interceptions but was done in with an ACL injury in 2011.  Do you think he’s back to his old self?

"Patrick–No. He seems a step slower and mentally he seems about three steps slower. The good news is that he is a hard worker and a smart player. He’ll shake off the rust. Whether or not he will be as fast as he was before I don’t know but he is still athletic and talented enough to make an impact. It just may take some time. He has missed as much NFL football as he’s played so he is still learning as well. I look at this year as a second rookie season for him."

4.  Head coach Romeo Crennel was given a great welcome to his current position last year when he took over for former head coach Todd Haley and defeated the previously unbeaten Green Bay Packers.  What do you think he’ll do with the team this year despite the dreadful start?

"Patrick–I am surprised the Chiefs played so poorly last week. Against the Falcons they were better, at least on offense. I think Romeo is a good coach and he has talent on this team. My guess here is that the team is in a bit of a transition. They added a ton of new players, both in free agency and back from injury. There are some new starters, a couple of them pretty young. The ACL guys are rusty. They are a little banged up. Plus they have yet another offensive coordinator. I still think they will finish strong. 7-9 would be my guess."

5.  What do you feel the Chiefs will have to do to try to pull a victory out in the game this Sunday?

"Patrick–They have to run the football well. If they can get the running game cooking they will be able to work in the play action and move the ball. But more importantly, somebody on defense has to make a play. These guys are supposed to be the strength of the team and right now they can’t stop anybody. I think they are in shock or something. One play, a pick six or  a big sack, could snap them out of it. They need to relax and stick to their assignments. The offense isn’t good enough to win a shootout with Drew Brees. The D has to show up."