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RGIII Makes Reference To Bounties After Washington Redskins Play The Rams


Sep 19, 2012; St. Louis, MO, USA; Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III (10) falls into the end zone for a touchdown against the St. Louis Rams during the second half at the Edward Jones Dome. The Rams defeated the Redskins 31-28. Mandatory Credit: Photo by Scott Rovak-US PRESSWIRE

In an interesting turn of events it’s now the quarterback of the Washington Redskins who is talking about bounties in the news media, although he did dance around the issue a bit.

After the narrow margin loss to the Saint Louis Rams RGIII felt compelled to get a few things off his chest, so he did an interview with someone that was reported on so widely that the original source got lost in the shuffle.

The primary complaint that was attributed to the Skins QB was that the Rams played dirty and in an unprofessional manner. Other Redskins players had gone on the record saying that they felt the replacement referees had lost control of the game, but I would respond that you can’t lose something you didn’t have to start with. Did the ref’s allow hits after the whistle, or continued contact after the play was blown dead?

Yes, almost certainly, and they have in most of the games played so far in the 2012 season. It should be noted that when RGIII compared the “BountyGate Boys” (Saints) to the kind of dirty tactics used by the Rams, the Saints came off like choir boys:

"“There was some extracurricular stuff going on after the plays. They were doing a lot of dirty things. I still think they have an extremely good team, that doesn’t take anything away from them, but the game was unprofessional. Who am I to talk? I’ve barely been a pro for very long, but from what I experienced against the Saints compared to that game, it was definitely unprofessional and it does need to be cleaned up.”."


So where did his reference to the Saints and bounties come into play? RGIII felt like the Rams had spent the week before drilling the Rams defense on trying to punish him with hits the entire night:

"“I don’t want to tip-toe the lines of anything that’s happened with bounties or anything like that, but they were definitely going after me. They made it a point, obviously, all week to hit me. Some of the shots were cheap of that nature.”"


The irony in that observation is in a disclosure that Jonathan Vilma’s attorney Peter Ginsberg made about the former Saints and Washington Redskins defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Ginsberg says he has evidence that while working for the Redskins Gregg Williams put a $15,000 bounty on quarterback Brad Johnson before a game.