New Orleans Saints first team play by play analysis in New England Patriots game


Offense first series :

Running play for PT.   Oline makes lane for Thomas; Jed Collins a little late on his block but that was not the designed lane for Thomas; Vince Wilfork working against Evans is able to grab PT’s jersey and stop the play; Patrick Chung also on tackle; 5 yard gain.

Brees in the shotgun; Pass play to Higgins;  Brees looking to Colston and Moore but Pat’s Chandler Jones gets around Bushrod and flushes Drew from pocket; Brees looks to Dave Thomas and Michael Higgins both of which have defenders in front of them; Incomplete pass to Higgins; Drew coaches up Higgins after the play; Rush by Jones disrupted the play.

Good OLine play; Bushrod able to hold off Jones. Drew gets ball out to Dave Thomas in coverage.   Incomplete pass

Defense first series:

Brady in shotgun; Good pressure by DLine; 3 up the middle to Brady; Brodrick Bunkley drops back in coverage; Brady overthrows Gronkowski who is covered by Will Herring

Run by Ridley.  Good gap disciple; Shanle breakes past line of scrimmage into backfield but misses tackle on Ridley.   Lofton and Herring makes the tackle after a gain of 8.

Brady in Shotgun; Run by Woodhead; following block by Donald Thomas targeting right side; Lofton waiting among tacklers makes the move and stops the 3 yard run; Johnny Patrick also on tackle.

4 on DLine; Cam Jordan playing left defensive end (to the right of Brady);   3 other DLinemen shift away from Jordan; Jordan beats Marcus Cannon (Pat’s right tackle) and rushes at Brady; Ridley tries to block Jordan low with his body against Jordan’s middle; Jordan reaches over to bat ball from Brady as he falls; Brady throws ball to Brandon Lloyd covered by Marquis Johnson; Incomplete pass

Running play; Good blocking by Pats; open lane for Ridley; Lofton again waiting among the blocks and brings Ridley down; Lofton sees play from the beginning and brings down Ridley after a gain of 2.

D brings 4 rushers against 5 Pat blocks; D collapses pocket around Brady; Brady delivers ball to Aaron Hernandez in the middle of 3 defenders who bring him down  after a gain of 7, but short of first down; Casillas and Lofton in on the tackle.

Ensuing kickoff, Martez Wilson offsides resulting in bringing Pats back onto the field.

Running play; 4 D Line men swarmed by 7 Pat players along line of scrimmage; Pats make a lane to the right against the left D Line; but D gap disciple halts the run after a short gain of 3; Jenkins and Herring in on the tackle.

Brady in shotgun; 9 yard pass from to Gronk; D rushes 3 against 5 Pats along the line of scrimmage; remainder drop back into coverage; Casillas and Bunkley on the tackle.

4 DLinemen rush 6 Pats at line; rest drop into coverage; Brady long pass to Lloyd broken up beautifully by Johnny Patrick

Pats penalty – Repeat down; Obvious passing play; 4 DLinemen against 5 Pats; Cam Jordan beats Marcus Cannon on the edge and Will Smith beats Nate Solder on the other edge; Solder does not play Smith low and Smith able to beat him; Brady throws the ball away

Next play – Saints line up 4 front on line of scrimmage and 2 back.  Jr Galette and Will Smith rush off the edge; Cam Jordan rushes up the middle.   Jr falls down but gets back up.  Jordan chases Brady; Smith beats two in the backfield and comes clean after Brady; Smith beats Jordan to Brady and sacks him with good wrap up/Tomahawk tackle knocking the ball out.  Jordan follows Brady and Smith to ground but gets up and he, Galette and Lofton chase the ball.  Lofton recovers.

Offense Second Series – Saints take over at NE 32 on the turnover

Designed run play to Sproles; Max protection along line of scrimmage;  Bushrod able to handle Jones; Grubbs beat by Dont’a Hightower; Mayo beats Colston; Mayo and Hightower converge on Sproles; 2 yards gain

Brees has plenty of time; steps up in pocket has clear view down field; dump off pass to Pierre Thomas but Thomas drops the ball; good coverage by Mayo on Thomas.

Brees has time; Sproles has time to develop route; Sproles makes the catch for 4 yards but cannot get the additional yards for first down; wrap up tackle by Mayo.

46-yard field goal attempt is good

Second Defensive Series

Designed running play; 4 DLinemen; Will Smith playing right defensive tackle; Lofton and Herring in the middle; Shanle and Johnny Patrick creeping in on the edges; Patrick is to the left of Brady; Play runs to the left; Will Smith beats double team coverage but misses tackle on Ridley; Jenkins brings him down after 9 yard gain.

Designed running play; 4 DLineman; Play runs to the right of Brady; Ridley the running back; Good gap discipline by D; Will Herring comes up to the line next to Cam Jordan pointing to the running lane.  Lane created for Ridley between Herring and Jordan to the right of Brady; Herring is held by Aaron Hernandez, but gap discipline slows Ridley down; Marquis Johnson makes the tackle after 8 yard gain.

Jenkins creeps up to the line of scrimmage; Brady changes the play; Cam Jordan comes rushing in but play blown dead; False start on Pat’s Marcus Cannon; 5 yard penalty.

Designed running play to the left of Brady; Ridley runs into Johnny Patrick trying to avoid a tackle by Lofton; Lofton makes tackle after 4 yard gain.

Obvious passing play; 4 DLinemen rush 6 on line; Other defenders drop into coverage; Brady screen pass to Woodhead for 3 yards; Pat’s left guard Thomas blocks Jonathan Amaya and gives Woodhead the edge; tackled by Casillas who stayed in close the line.

Designed passing play would have been good for 17 yards to Lloyd against Corey White; but Nate Solder called for holding against Cedric Ellis; if Ellis had not been held he would have been able to get to Brady; White and Marquis Johnson both on Lloyd who is brought down immediately.

Now 3rd and 18; Obvious passing play; 4 DLinemen rush in; rest drop into coverage; short dump off to Gronk for 11 but brought down by Galette; Casillas and Lofton there as well.

NE punts