Who Dat Dish is looking for writers to cover the New Orleans Saints and NFL


Who Dat Dish is growing into one of the better known fan driven Saints sites on the Internet and our continued growth relies on bringing in new writers, new ideas, and fresh content for daily updates about the New Orleans Saints and the NFL.

It’s doesn’t matter if you have ever tried your hand at sports journalism, or are a seasoned pro when it comes to writing articles. We want writers that are passionate about the NFL, and of course the New Orleans Saints.

As a staff writer here on the site there is only one rule, you must contribute, and that means we would like you to produce four articles a week on a topic of your choosing regarding the Saints or the NFL.

These articles don’t have to be long, and you get the freedom to decide what you would like to write about and when. However if and when you need direction we are here to help.

There are no limits to what you can produce on WDD, we just need active people who can commit to producing articles on a weekly basis.

On the flip side we are also in need of contributing writers, but at the moment are more in the market for staff writers, as the site continues to eclipse it’s own records for visits, reads, and general traffic.

Contributors are asked to write at least one article a week. Just like a staff writer, contributors are encouraged to do more frequently, yet have a smaller obligation to the site.

We will work as a team to produce the best content available, to get you the most exposure as possible, and help you achieve any goals you set forth.

Whether seeking to be a professional writer or weekend warrior covering the NFL, this is the place you want to be.

Make no mistake, whodatdish.com is growing tremendously month over month, and our mission moving forward is to further legitmize the site as a genuine news outlet as we continue to produce fan driven yet professional quality material.

Sites like espn.com, nfl.com, sportsillustrated.com, sportsnola.com, and others link to our material quite often.

What that means for you is that you can be sure the material you produce will get the exposure it deserves.

Who Dat Dish already has some top level writers, but we need to add more to continue this phenomenal growth. Will you join us?

Keep in mind opportunities have been presented to writers on this network to interview players, cover the NFL draft, and gain press credentials to their favorite team.

As FanSided and WDD continue to grow these types of opportunities will come more quickly and will be extended to top writers across a network that already supersedes 8-million visits per month.

Interested applicants only should email ghigginbothamdare1@bellsouth.net to apply. This is not a paid position, although as mentioned above it can offer unique perks to the average Joe that doesn’t work for ESPN.

While writing experience is not required, we do ask that you submit a short article of your choosing. It doesn’t have to be long, a few sentences, which will allow me an opportunity to quickly sum up your talents.

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