New Orleans Saints and NFL: Top News and Video Clips


"Filmmaker Sean Pamphilon is refuting a claim by retired special teams standout Steve Gleason that he released a recording of then-New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams without legal permission. Pamphilon told Yahoo! Sports on Friday he did not violate a contractual agreement between he and Gleason. “We do have a production agreement that I followed,” Pamphilon told Yahoo! Sports. “I can’t understand why Steve would think it’s in his best interest to prevent me from telling the truth about Gregg Williams.”"

"Hollis Thomas left the New Orleans Saints in the same offseason Gregg Williams arrived, and so Thomas can’t give us a first-person account of the bounty scandal that has rocked the Saints and the New Orleans football community. That said, Thomas did play under Sean Payton and with several of the players that could be implicated in the aftermath. And because he is at least partially removed from the scandal, he’s able to offer a more candid recollection of any potential shenanigans."

"The New Orleans Saints officially are in search of an interim head coach for the 2012 season after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell upheld Sean Payton’s suspensionon Monday. But if Pro Football Hall of Fame candidate Bill Parcells is in line to lead the team next season, the move would be news to him. Parcells told the New York Daily News that he knows “absolutely nothing” about the Saints’ coaching situation and hasn’t spoken to the team in more than six days. He said he didn’t know if he would want to be the team’s head coach or if the Saints would want him."

"Among the threads in NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s Monday announcement upholding his harsh penalties against the New Orleans Saints was one faint silver lining for Who Dats: the league may reduce the team’s penalty in the 2013 draft. New Orleans will still face a significant penalty in that draft, according to league sources, but under a variety of scenarios it may not be a second round pick lost. As things stand now, Goodell has stripped the club of its second round pick this year and in 2013."

"Now that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has refused to budge on the “Bountygate” suspensions, here’s my question: How do the New       Orleans Saints respond? I’m not talking about what they think  about a historic and humiliating punishment; I’m talking about what they       actually doin the wake of it. Essentially, they have two choices: They can go into the fetal position, or they can pull together and use what just happened as a rallying cry — proving to critics, moralists and Goodell himself that they don’t  need bounties or Gregg Williams or “Free Sean Payton” T-shirts to succeed."