Looking back on the 2012 NFL Free Agenct Period, and the winner is….


The NFL’s Free Agent rush is in full swing, and the evidence is littered all over the Internet.

Fans everywhere are excited about recent signings and are sitting on the edge of their seats wondering if their teams will make any more moves.

I’m here too discuss four teams that have made some big moves so far, the 49ers, Bronco’s, Jets, and of course the New Orleans Saints.

I was dreading this off-season with the thoughts of losing any of the “Big Three”, as they were called by many Saints fans.

I just knew that the person we lost was going to be Marques Colston, I was wrong on so many accounts it wasn’t even funny.

We lost Carl Nicks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Many thought all hope was lost until the Saints front office pulled out a miracle with the signing Ben Grubbs — the former Rave Pro Bowl guard — nearly a tic-for-tac replacement for Carl Nicks.

Then instead of resigning Aubrayo Franklin or Shaun Rogers, the Saints go and get Brodrick Bunkley. an extremely athletic defensive tackle that excels at defending the run.

In fact Bunkley is considered to be the best run-stuffer in the league, a big upgrade for the Saints defensive line.

But the Saints weren’t done as they later signed two promising linebackers in Chris Chamberlain, and Curtis Lofton.

Both are very athletic linebackers who are in my opinion immediate upgrades to the linebacking core currently in place.

This is not to discount some of our younger talent the Saints have on the roster, but they have to learn the system and develop, these guys are performing well right now.

The Bronco’s made headlines by signing Peyton Manning and then trading away Tim Tebow.

Starting with the Manning signing, this is probably the biggest signing of the off season because the Broncos season hinges on whether or not their offensive line can keep Manning from getting hit.

The Jets have made likely the dumbest move this off season, trading for Tim Tebow, really?

Was the Jets front office trying to get someone on the team to counteract Rex Ryan foot in mouth disease?

This publicity stunt could fail unless they convince Tebow to play tight end or full back, but that doesn’t appear likely as Rex Ryan wants Tebow to back-up Sanchez in 2012.

The Jets also are planning to use Tebow in a special package for 15 to 20 plays a game. It’ll be a faux “Wild Cat” style offense, more option style offense than anything else.

Now onto my favorite the San Francisco 49ers.

They have made one of  the boldest moves in getting Randy Moss, Mario Manningham, and most recently running back Brandon Jacobs.

The addition of Moss and Manningham just made the 49ers passing offense a legitimate threat,  and that’s even with Alex Smith as the quarterback.

Now add Brandon Jacobs into the mix with Kendell Hunter and Frank Gore and the offense should be much more potent than last season.

Changes are happening in San Fran and they are happening fast, this season is going to prove that last season was not a fluke.

I’m not a 49ers homer, but they have had the best free agency so far of all the teams.

While the Saints have made some strong moves and improved in areas they definitely needed to, I still don’t see their moves being up to par with those made by San Francisco.