New Orleans Saints and NFL: Top News and Video Clips


"New Orleans Saints free agent linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar is scheduled to visit the St. Louis Rams today, according to a league source. This is the first known visit for Dunbar, who had a breakout season for the Saints last year. Dunbar said last week that the Saints are “absolutely” still in the mix to re-sign him, though it’s not clear where he fits into their plans. The Saints have been visiting with several free agent linebackers this offseason, including Curtis Lofton, David Hawthorne, Chris Chamberlain and Joe Mays (who since re-signed with the Denver Broncos)."

"The New Orleans Saints’ bounty program has prompted a pretty interesting Twitter war. On his verified account, former NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp said that former New Orleans tight end Jeremy Shockey was “the snitch.” On his verified Twitter account, Shockey denies that. But let me caution you that some of the language from Shockey is a little rough."

"Tebowmania’s headed to New York, and the drama has already started for Jets fans. It began the moment the Jets pulled off the deal for the Broncos quarterback. Or thought they did. Eight hours and one huge snag later, the trade was on again. But not before the Jets added to the franchise’s already lengthy list of embarrassing moments."

"Payton reportedly was expecting a four-game ban for his role in condoning and covering up the defense’s use of bounties for killer hits in games. “I did talk to him and he’s stunned to say the least,” Fox Sports’ Jay Glazer said in an NFL Network interview. “I think the entire team thought maybe there’d be a four-game suspension, but not a year. I said, ‘Are you okay?’ And he said, ‘No, I’m not okay.’ He is stunned. He’s going to lose about $8 million [in salary]. He is beside himself here.”"

"When he arrived in New Orleans, the Saints rolled out the red carpet. Celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse cooked him and his wife Brittany a meal, head coach Sean Payton drove them around town in his car, and the guys in the front office talked about building an offense around players and schemes that suited him best. A few days after getting the royal treatment from the Saints, Brees flew to Miami. Instead of being courted and told how wonderful he was by the Dolphins’ brass, Brees was forced to undergo eight hours’ worth of physical examinations. The Dolphins weren’t sold on Brees, and just a few months removed from major shoulder surgery, they wanted to poke and prod him before handing over the keys to the franchise"

"The New Orleans Saints‘ cornerback is dumbfounded by the punishment NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell levied on coach Sean Payton and the organization for the team’s bounty program, and Greer is equally shocked that anybody would even question his involvement in such a scheme. “Oh, wow. My goodness,” Greer said Wednesday in an interview with WWL Saints Radio in New Orleans. “We were, as a team, obviously trying to encourage each other to give it everything we have, not only for ourselves but for our city. So to state it like was I involved in a scheme to try to go out there and maliciously hurt somebody, no, then you don’t know me. …"