New Orleans Saints and NFL: Top News and Video Clips


"A federal lawsuit filed on behalf of a group  of former NFL players who live in Louisiana accuses the league of failing to  protect players from the risks associated with concussions. Several former New Orleans Saints players, including John Fourcade, are  among the 11 ex-players named as plaintiffs in the class-action suit filed  Friday in New Orleans."

"The newspaper reported that the team, the city and the state of Minnesota have agreed on how to fund the $975 million stadium, with the city set to pay $150 million (in addition to $180 million in operating costs over 30 years) and the state putting up $398 million. The Vikings would shoulder the largest portion of the cost, paying $427 million. According to the newspaper, the final agreement still needs to be hammered out, though sources said an announcement could be made next week."

"As we continue our look at the Saints off-season activity, let’s take a look at another key member of the Saints defense, Jeff Charleston.  The “Caveman” has been solid at times, but at other times has been completely inactive on game day for the Saints. Charleston signed a 1-year contract with the Black and Gold before the season, about a week into training camp.  He was active for just 10 games last season, tallying just 9 total tackles and 1 sack.  I say he’s not flashy, but he is a good solid back-up.  WWWL Saints Radio color analyst Hokie Gajan agrees."

"This isn’t a fight about facts any longer. This is a fight for hearts and minds of Coltsfans, but even bigger than that is a more substantial fight. It’s a battle over legacies. Should Manning leave Indianapolis, he wants the record to show he was forced out by Irsay. Not my fault. Blame Irsay. I woulda’ stayed for less. I woulda kept fightin’ but that mean old Irsay with his guitar playin’ and tweetin’ made me go to the Redskins. What Irsay is doing is ensuring that history shows Manning was too damaged to stay in Indianapolis. He’s no fool at all. He’s smartly and covertly letting everyone know Manning is far more damaged than the Manning camp will acknowledge."

"The Browns could embark on a thrilling journey if they commit to drafting Robert Griffin III in late April. At least that’s the view of NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock, who believes the Browns should strongly consider buying into RG3 mania while they decide whether they should draft a quarterback or try to sign one such as Green Bay Packers backup Matt Flynn once free agency begins March 13."