New Orleans Saints dealing with plenty of offseason speculation


The Superbowl hasn’t even played out and the media is already ripe with offseason speculation.  What team is going to go after who, and what free agent will make the biggest impact — it’s time to make one of my on “conspiracy “theories

First I’ll start off with the only fact I’m comfortable saying, the Saints will re-sign Drew Brees to an enormous contract. There now that the cat is out of the bag and I can move on to some of the better stuff.

Conspiracy Theory #1: Carl Nicks

I think that the early reportings of the Cowboys having interest in Nicks could play into the kind of pay day he should get as a top tier NFL guard.

I know the Saints want him back, but how much are they willing to pay, or will they simply slap the franchise tag on him?  I’d say that Nicks will draw tons of attention because he is so good at his position, he simply is one of the best.

My conspiracy is that the Saints figure out a way to sign him, because lets face he wants to be a Saint and they want him here, most think the franchise tag will be used, I however think they are going to reserve it for someone else.

Conspiracy Theory#2 Marques Colston

Colston is the number one receiver in the Saints package, but I think he is also the most expendable big ticket free agent that the Saints currently have on their roster.

Unfortunately for Colston there are a lot of big names coming onto the market that could come to New Orleans at a cheaper price than he.

He has done well, but lets face it he has excelled because Drew Brees is his quarterback.  Mt theory is I think that the Saints actually go to Adrian Arrington, another tall receiver, who isn’t quite as bulky to save money because of the big pay days Brees and Nicks are due.

Conspiracy Theory#3 Steve Spagnuolo

The Saints hired the former Rams Head Coach as their Defensive Coordinator, we all know that, but what kind of changes will he make?

Spagnuolo’s defense rely heavily on pressure from the front four, and this is an area that the Saints have struggled with over recent years.

My Conspiracy theory on this is that we try to address our lack of pass rush by adding another viable sack threat.

Cameron Jordan did what he was supposed to defending the run, but got absolutely no sacks, although he did improve towards the end of the season as he was consistently seen in the backfield.

In order for Will Smith not be double teamed, we have to have other people to put pressure on opposing quarterbackls. I could be wrong, but I’ve heard rumors of Smith possibly being the odd man out due to his lack of production and his expected salary — $7 million dollar base next season.

I hope to see some additional improvements made to the team, granted most of them should come on defense.  I’ve trusted the Sean Payton and Mickey Loomis to this point, let’s see where the “newest” staff member will take the Saints.