The Gris Gris Man’s Spell On the 49ers


It’s cold and dark and just past midnight,
The GGM is working while yall sleeping all tight,
The Saints are playing a team from dat crazy left coast,
They gots a hell of a defense and a brand new coach,
They feeling pretty good in the land of fruits and nuts,
But have no idea dat we gonna be kickin their butts,
So I’m back on top of Papa Legba’s secret grave site,
Boiling up a potion and a spell and gettin it just right,
I got me some possum tails and eyes from dey heads,
Then in goes some monkey bones dat was good and dead,
In goes some boiling Irish coffee from da Buena Vista,
Then on Smith’s lips up pops a nasty fever blista,
Now sorry folks but I aint never seen a crab in a tree,
But I rubbin my potion on both of his knees,
Now their coach aint nice and he can be kinda rude,
Compared to Sean Payton who’s da coolest dude,
Now I added in some slime off two electric eels,
And on Frank Gore’s shoes I rubbed it on his heels,
The only other cat who can score at all,
Is a guy named Davis so I rub some on his ball,
Now when he tries to catch dat ball and run,
Vilma will knock it loose and Porter will have some fun,
We gonna be on their offense like red beans on rice,
So into my pot goes some fresh maggots and lice,
Now all they got left is some pretty good defense,
But up against Saint Drew their season will be past tense,
We got so much depth it might be close at da half,
But by the third and fourth quarter dey just won’t last,
We got too much power on da offensive side,
And Defense’s win Championships has become a lie,
So I’m flying out tonight with my potion in hand,
I’m gonna spray it on their field and even in the stands,
Da Saints will march in and da Niners will crawl out,
Cause our second Supa Bowl is what it’s all about,
Who Dat and Two Dat is what we say,
Da New Orleans Saints will be victors at the end of the day!

Gris Gris Man, Voodoo MD

Any and all Spells & hexes are performed specifically for the sole purpose of generating an “L” for the opposing team! This includes but is not limited to, fumbles, penalties, in completions, pick 6’s, missed field goals, strips, trips, bungles, gaffs, brain farts, Come on Man’s, or otherwise benign occurrences.

PETA DISCLAIMER: No curses were used and no animals were hurt too bad or killed excessively in the making and or casting of this spell!