The NFL’s biggest surprises of the 2011 season


During the offseason last year the lockout was in full swing and everyone wondered if there was even going to be an NFL season.  I found myself reading alot of articles during the stalmate, and my excitement grew in regards to the Saints — who where one a of a few teams in the NFL actually holding workouts during the labor battle.

Little did I know that this season would be full of surprises that at least I did not see coming.

Let’s start with the team that surprised me the most this season, the San Francisco 49ers.  They have completely blown my mind this year, I’m not even a 49ers fan and I have to give respect to that organization for hiring Jim Harbaugh.

Obviously the ground work had to have already been in place, but he took his team from 6-10 to 14-2 in a single season and had Alex Smith performing well.   He also did this during the shortest offseason in NFL history.

It seems Harbaugh came in set expectations, and put a system in place where the players he had could succeed.

Before this season people were calling for Alex Smith to be dropped and for the 49ers to go out and find that “franchise” quarterback.  It’s obvious from the play of the 49ers team as a whole that the problem was more the coaching than the players.

Another Surprise to me was the Buccaneers going 4-12 a season removed from going 10-6, what happened?

We all know that Coach Morris was fired, but I thought for sure that these guys would be in the hunt for the playoffs if not a dark horse for the NFC South crown.

Same goes for the Jets as they went 8-8, I can’t stand Rex Ryan’s mouth, but he usually delivers, that was until this season.

Call it what you will, but I think that his luck has finally run out as the Jets didn’t even make the playoffs.

I’m actually not surprised by the Eagles poor play this season. Given all the new players, changes, and an abbreviated time to put it all together I knew they would struggle.

All in all this season has been great for Saints fans. I’m not surprised that we went 8-0 at home.

I am however surprised that the media doesn’t think Brees has a shot at the MVP.

Sure Aaron Rodgers has had a great season, but so has Brees.  In my eyes the two of them are neck and neck.

I am hoping for a rematch against Green Bay so that we can beat them at home, and set the record straight.  I know there is a ot of football to be played for that to actually happen, but don’t be surprised of the Saints emerge from Lambeau Field as NFC Champions.