Early Evaluation of the New Orleans Saints 2012 Free Agents

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Chance of resigning: 10%

Jo-Lonn Dunbar, LB: The Saints need to retain this guy. He is very talented and smart. When Vilma was injured, he did such a great job commanding the defense. Especially during the Atlanta game on the 41th-and-1 stop. He did so well he earned a starting spot over Jonathan Casillas when Vilma returned. The defense simply can’t afford to lose him. He won’t be too expensive,nevertheless he should return. Loomis is smart.

Chance of resigning: 85%

Pat McQuistan, OT: The saints resigned him after Charles Brown went down on IR. McQuistan is doing the Zach-Strief role of the past by being an extra blocker labeled as an eligible receiver. The Saints like Brown and know he can improve, so it is very unlikely they will also keep McQuistan on the roster.

Chance of resigning: 5%

Courtney Roby, WR: Great guy to have on the team. Took the role of special teams captain with grace and has led the unit throughout the year. He gave Sproles his kick-returning job with the utmost class. His talent and demeanor are noticed by the Saints and it would hurt if he leaves. Although never used as a receiver, he contributes in so many ways. Good chance he resigns if the price is right.

Chance of resigning: 75%

John Gilmore, TE: Contrary to what most people may think, Gilmore has a chance of resigning next year. We all know about Jimmy Graham, and David Thomas is so useful in so many ways when he’s not on IR, but the Saints have a history of keeping three tight ends on the roster. Gilmore could be signed at the lowest amount, so there is a possibility.

Chance of resigning: 40%

John Kasay, K: I can’t commend Kasay on the job he’s done this season. He has definitely exceeded expectations, nailing 110 straight field goals inside 30 yards. he doesn’t have the leg strength he used to possess, but that’s understandable. And the reality is, Garrett Hartley just signed a 5 year contract before going on IR. Hopefully the saints can win Kasay a Super Bowl before he goes back to retirement.

Chance of resigning: 1%

Robert Meachem, WR: Without a doubt, the player in which I am most curious to see whether they resign or not is Robert Meachem. Huge money will be dealt to Colston, so who knows what Mickey is thinking about his number two receiver. His speed allows him to be a huge deep threat to opposing teams, and he scores multiple touchdowns every year. He will surely be missed if he leaves. The Saints would love to keep him, but the fact is they just might no have enough money. Although, Meachem may take a pay-cut to remain with a talented offense and a chance at the Super Bowl. However, he does have the ability to be the number one receiver on teams such as Jacksonville or Cleveland.