Early Evaluation of the New Orleans Saints 2012 Free Agents

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Without question all focus throughout the New Orleans Saints’ front office should be on winning their second Super Bowl championship in three years.

But at the conclusion of this season, whenever that may be, this organization will have some extremely tough decisions to make.

Although not as many as last year, there are many restricted, unrestricted, and exclusive rights free agents currently on the Saints roster.

Let’s go through the list and determine whether they are needed to bring another Super Bowl championship to New Orleans.

Restricted, Unrestricted, and Exclusive Rights Free Agents

Chase Daniel, QB: Many Saints players have said that Daniel is like a clone of Brees. His work ethic, determination, and dedication are undeniable. If Brees were to ever go down, fingers crossed, I would feel confident placing the ball in Daniel’s hands based on his comfort with the Saints receivers, having worked with them for about three years now. He is one of the most valuable back-up quarterbacks in the league so offers will ultimately come, but I believe that the Saints will retain him because of his resemblance of Brees and the talent he posesses. He is restricted, so the Saints are able to match any offer he receives.

Chance of resigning: 80%

Marques Colston, WR: He is arguably the most underrated wide receivers in the entire NFL. His height, hands, and ability to catch the ball across the middle are traits that are very unlikely to find in any receiver these days. His quiet demeanor is not at all taken for granted throughout the front office either. The Hofstra alum has loved his time in New Orleans, and he has felt that same love back. I’m almost 100% positive number 12 will be back in the black and gold this season, even though almost every other team in the league would love to have him. He has stated that he won’t take a hometown discount, but he should be the Saints second priority this season. Watch for the franchise tag on this guy.

Chance of resigning: 90%

Aubrayo Franklin, DT: Stats are not always everything. Although Franklin is not piling up the amount of tackles expected, he is consistently plugging the hole to prevent running backs from going up the middle. His size, strength, and capability have allowed the linebackers to get a better look as to where the running back is going, explaining why their run defense has improved exceptionally since the bye. Franklin is expendable ad might not re-sign based on the amount of money the front office will be dealing out this off season, but there is definitely a possibility he can come back on another 1-year deal if necessary.

Chance of resigning: 30%

Shaun Rogers, DT: Just like Franklin, the stats aren’t everything. However he is an enormous body for offensive lineman to handle and does his job. He plays with desire, and that is what the coaches admire most about him. This 2011 Saints team is the first winning team he’s ever been involved in. Also, he has already tweeted how if the Saints want him back next year, he would sign again. I believe that Mickey Loomis would love R0gers to win a Super Bowl with the Saints and the saints could use him. Out of the two big defensive tackles. Franklin and Rogers, I believe that Rogers is more likely to be signed because of his desire, talent, size, and how he is willing to sacrifice money to remain with the team. He did that this past off season.