New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees – The New American Idol !


In 2009 my 40 year old nephew and his wife had a little boy.  It was during the Saints historic run to the Superbowl, when Drew Brees was becoming known to the world as a very special player. Everyone also realized he was a very special man. The reasons are many, and well documented.

Well my nephew named his son Drew; because he liked the name (much like Levon naming his son Jesus*). It’s a good name, but I’m sure that Drew’s impact on our collective consciousness also                                                                   contributed to the decision.

Something tells me there are a lot of  “little Drews” out there now!

Well the fact is, Drew Brees has never asked to be an idol. He doesn’t sing or dance. He’s not really a “music guy”. But unlike the American Idol chosen by the TV-Internet voting system, Drew gives a lot more than he takes. He’s the real deal. He’s Superman. Hopefully, he’s a future Senator.

So after the Saints big win in the Superbowl, I, like everyone else, got caught up in Drew Mania. Inspired by my six month old grand daughter, I decided to write a childrens’ song – about Drew.  I think that every child needs to be taught individualism, but it can’t hurt if they learned to “be cool”, like Drew.

Here are the lyrics. Click on the title to see the Youtube Video.

Happy New Year!

Be Like Drew!

He came from San Diego and became a Super Hero. His Lady had hair of gold!

He lifted up the city on his shoulders and then he help the Saints win the Superbowl!

He learned to say “Who Dat Sey?”. It didn’t take him very long.

And in the end, he taught us all how to finish strong!

I am I. You are you. We are all not the same. But when it comes to being cool, I I I I want to Be Like Drew!

He’s humble and he’s caring and he doesn’t mind sharing the glory that has come his way.

He sets a good example and the scientist should sample his extraordinary DNA!

We will cheer him on. His will is strong. And you know dat’s a fact!

Come on Drew, we believe in you. TWO DAT, TWO DAT, TWO DAT!

I am I. You are you. We are all not the same. But when it comes to being cool, I I I I want to Be Like Drew!

Click to view YouTube Video.

* Do you know what the reference about Levon means? If so, you must be an old Who Dat like me!