New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees finally bests Dan Marino’s 1984 record


At half time last night I thought for sure that Bree’s would have the passing record after the Saints first drive in the third quarter.  Little did I know that the Falcons defense decided to suddenly show up and do its best to prevent Drew Brees from getting the record.

I sat up watching the game with great anticipation, I knew that I need to go to sleep because I had an early morning at work.  I still stayed up and watched the Saints offense stall most of the second half.

Now some might say, your supposed to be a die hard saints fan, how could you not watch?

Well I tell you what I did watch until the end, It was a beautiful thing and almost seemed like fate stepped in for Drew Brees after the Falcons gave the Saints the ball on the 32 yard line – a mere two yards more than what Brees needed to break the record.

Everyone knows what happens next — Brees moved the team down the field within 7 yards of the record — and I was sitting on the edge of my seat.

I could feel the excitement in the dome from my home all the way in South Carolina. Fortunately for me my parents, who still live in Louisiana, were visiting so I wasn’t the only person on the edge of my seat.

Then it was like time stopped, Brees connects with Sproles in the end zone. He had done it, broken a record that had been standing for 27 years.

I can’t say that I’m surprised though, it was just a couple of seasons ago that Brees fell short just of  of the record by only sixteen yards.  It just great to see him break it at home, with the NFC South on the line, and when everything on offense was working so well.

The Saints have the total package, running, passing, receiving, special teams, and all of the sudden even the defense is stepping up.

I am really happy that after all of his hard work Brees now owns the single season passing record, but I am even happier that he still continues to make everything about the team.

Good leaders stick by their teams, and it was evident that Brees is a team player when he was swarmed by his teammates after the surpassing Marino.

Will Brees’s record stand for another 27 years?

Probably not given that the NFL has shifted into such a pass happy league, and that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady needs less than 200 yards passing in his final game to also match Marino. However Brees legacy is assured as he will always be known as the first quarterback to accomplish the feat.

Now that the looming giant is past I hope the Saints can ride this confidence into the playoffs, and to a Super Bowl victory.

I know I am proud to be a Saints fan, always have been, but it’s always nice when your team accomplishes something that no other has done before. Brees was already considered one of the elite quarterbacks in the league, after this seasons accomplishments in my eyes there is no question he is the best quarterback in the league, period.