Da Gris Gris Man’s Spell On Da Indianapolis Colts


Deep in the swamp where the sun never shines,
Where creatures slither all covered with slime,
Oh Papa Legba Voodoo Spirit and guru,
For this Super Bowl Sunday I am calling to you,
Also I call on the spirit of da brothers Lafitte,
Give us your power against dis team we will meet,

I have laid me a broom right across the Colts goal,
I did pour me some salt around each player’s soul,
I have burned some hair from dat Bethea’s big head,
And I built me this fire in the land of the dead,
I got me building a pile of red hot coals,
And I’m callin on 11 dead men’s souls,
Then upon this fire I placed my magic spell pot,
To cook it all night on a Zombie Kings plot,
Now in this pot I’m gonna add these things,
First of all goes all da Colt’s Super Bowl rings,
Next I added six snakes and the eye of an eel,
And mixed in some tendons from Reggie Wayne’s heel,
Now I got me a roux going and it’s turning dark brown,
That Jonathon Vilma will knock Addai on the ground,
Now old Pappa Legba you can see in the dark,
But I’ll blur up the eyes of that big Dallas Clark,
With a name like Garcon for the Saints he should play,
But dat Robinson will catch all the balls thrown his way,
I’ll dig way down deep in that old swampy muck,
And pull out some eyes of a decaying duck,
I poured in some blood from a nutria rat I done killed,
Added some monkey bones till the pot it was filled,
Cooked it all night till the pot done turned red,
And stirred it with a bone from dat Mr Painter’s leg,
Mixed in some cleats from McAfee’s shoes,
And poured it on the field so the Colts they will lose,
I even called on the most famous Doctor of all,
Morgus the Magnificent gladly came to my call,
Together we brewed this most powerful spell,
To weaken their team so they will not play well,
Now I can assure you our Brees will be cool in the show,
The New Orleans Saints will win this one you know,
The spell is now cast and from this hex there’s no escape,
If you don’t believe in Voodoo hide your horse shoes and wait!

Gris Gris Man, Voodoo Surgeon General

Any and all Spells & hexes are performed specifically for the sole purpose of generation an “L” for the opposing team, including, but not limited to,
fumbles, penalties, in completions, pick 6’s, missed field goals, strips, trips,bungles, gaffs, brain farts, Come on Man’s, or otherwise benign occurrences.

PETA Disclaimer:  No curses were used and no animals were hurt to bad or killed excessively in the making and or casting of this spell!