New Orleans Saints Done In By One Broken Leg


From the Real Life vs. Sports analogy department – The New Orleans Saints stink up the place. 

Last weekend I drove from New Orleans to my second home in San Antonio. Our house sits in a quiet cul de sac that backs up to what is the beginning of the beautiful Texas hill country.

After the nine hour drive,  I was greeted at my door step to a deer that had wandered down from the hills to drink from our fountain.  But it had broken a leg and died.  I guess that its inability to move around properly had limited its feeding resources.

Being In the middle of the worst drought in Texas history,  it’s not unusual for deer to search out food and water in populated neighborhoods, as this young buck had done.

The next day, on Sunday, the Tampa Bay Bucs also found themselves lying dead.  Losing 48-3 to the San Francisco Forty Niners,  like the buck in my yard,  they also stunk up the place .

Back to San Antonio– After calling the city’s sanitation department several times , the deer carcass was finally removed- seven days later!  In the meantime it stunk up the neighborhood all week long.

But unlike the dead buck in my yard, during the ensuing  week, the Tampa Bucs picked themselves up,  came back to life and washed off the stench.

By game time on the following Sunday, the fresh smelling Bucs had come back from the dead. Playing against the rival New Orleans Saints, they had a new lease on life.

A few plays into that game,  I was confronted with another unfortunate soul with a broken leg. This time instead lying at my doorstep, Coach Payton lay wounded on the Saint’s side line.

Unlike the deer in our yard, the damage to his leg wasn’t fatal to him,  but it was to his team.

Like the Tampa Bay Bucs and the young buck in my yard the week before, the Saints stunk up the place. The distraction of Sean Payton getting his leg ripped to shreds by one of his favorite players was too much for the team to handle.

I particularly think it was the hardest on Drew Brees.

You can look for fresh smelling roses in this game, but as in my yard, the stench just covered any sweet smell.

Horses break their legs easily.  I hope next week the only stench I smell is the stench of a dead Colt.

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