The New Orleans Saints are marching


The 2011 New Orleans Saints may be a better team than the 2009 club that won the Super Bowl. The 09’ team had a “bend but don’t break” defense. So does this year’s team.

But here’s the interesting thing; I believe that this year’s offensive is more potent than the 09’ team,  and that, to a large degree makes for a more effective defensive unit.

Drew Brees and his cast of super stars are jumping out to early leads. That puts the opposing teams in a throwing position. Once their play calling becomes predictable, it makes Coach William’s job much easier.

Also, the Saints ability to mount long,  sustained drives keeps our defense fresh and the opposition’s offense off the field. Our offense has become our greatest defense.

On Sunday, the defense contributed early with a great first quarter performance. They took advantage of a rookie mistake early by intercepting Cam Newton.

Then the offense did the voodoo dat dey do. The Saints “D” held the Panthers again. With six minutes left in the first quarter, the Saints were up 10 – 0.

To slow down the Saints aggressive attack, Newton took  several direct snaps.  At times, there were direct snaps to the running backs.

The Panthers offensive line did a good job giving Newton time and the Saints were burned a few times by the young star. He’s a great passer and can run. You can’t shut Newton down completely.

But like most young quarterbacks, eventually the pressure gets to them. Once the Saints dialed it up, Newton had several tipped balls that could have been intercepted and one that was.

But Newton has a great weapon in Steve Smith. After a pass that the Saints almost intercepted, Newton comes right back to Smith for a touchdown on a fantastic catch and run.

I’ve seen Smith burn the Saints over the years like Jo Montana did in the 80’s.  It can be frustrating. Remember?

But as the trend is playing out, there is no stopping Drew Brees and company. The Panthers played well enough to win on Sunday, but they didn’t.

The Saints played average enough to lose, but they won. They Saints drove down field and scored when they had to. They kept Cam Newton off the field the last six minutes of the game on their eight nine yard winning drive.

Great offense = Great Defense.

Here are my reasons why the Saints will make another trip to the Promised Land in 2012;

Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Darren Sproles, Lance Moore and finally,  “Who Dat Sey Dey Gonna Beat Jimmy Graham?”

Oh, when the Saints go Marching In…………