New Orleans Saints: Early injuries a cause for concern?


The season has just started and the injuries are already starting to pile up, is this a cause for concern for the Saints?

Saints fans had to deal with the injuries of Reggie Bush and Pierre Thomas last season, that gave Chis Ivory, who is currently on the PUP list, the chance to become a standout leading the team in rushing with over 700 yards.

Five players were listed on the injury report for Friday as being questionable for the game today against the Bears — Lance Moore, Roman Harper, Garrett Hartley, and Tracy Porter — but the Saints should be okay without them all.

Three of the four players — Moore, Harper and Porter — are players that are key contributors to both the offensive and defensive sides of the field.

I didn’t list Hartley because he currently has a capable replacement in John Kasay on the roster.

Don’t get me wrong, the back ups behind each of these guys are capable, but the drop off in experience is more than noticeable.

Patrick Robinson for instance was picked on by Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, while Robinson has alot of upside, he is still young and adjusting to the speed of the game.

Behind Moore we have more than capable receivers, in Devery Henderson, Robert Meachem, and Adrian Arrington.

Arrington is a kid that has the talent to turn into a big physical game changing receiver, Meachem and Henderson are burners who can stretch the field at any point during the game.

Still given the serious injuries to Colston, I have to think that Brees would love to have Moore back on the field for not only his experience but his reliable catching ability.  Although I think because Brees spreads the ball out the Saints Offense will roll right along.

Our defense on the other hand relies on pressure and Porter and Harper are two big keys to Greg Williams ability to apply pressure.

How will injuries affect his approach to pressuring Jay Cutler?

Today the Saints defense faces a quarterback in Cutler that needs to be pressured, because if he is given time can the Saints defensive unit could pay for it.

If Harper and Porter are unable to play, what does that do?  Will it make Williams play a little more conservative than normal?

I would like to think that it wouldn’t because the high flying Williams defense is what led us to the Super Bowl two years ago, I guess only time will tell.

I just hope that every player listed as questionable is able to play today, because without them who knows how the game might turn out