Tennessee Titans @ New Orleans Saints: Behind enemy lines

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The only agenda for Munchak is winning. Fisher seemed to be more attached to certain guys than others. Munchak has a dream resume. He played for the team, coached the team. He made the Hall of Fame. He’s new, he’s fresh and with that comes hope. The players seem to have bought in. We’ll see when the wins matter how much of a change actually took place.
6) What players have stood out so far in training camp? Any names we should know about?

My favorite rookie remains RB Jamie Harper. Harper was one of the other guys not named CJ Spiller at Clemson. Everything about him points toward him being one of those guys that was OK in college but blew up in the NFL. While he’s not Chris Johnson, who thankfully signed today, he can be a very effective back and at 5’11” and 233 lbs, he’s primed to be the force in short-yardage situations that the team lost with LenDale White (not that anyone misses him).
7) Star running back Chris Johnson got his new deal. How does it look?

Johnson got the deal he wanted. He’ll get $30 million guaranteed which does indeed make him the highest paid running back. Darren McFadden, in Oakland, is sitting pretty on $27 million guaranteed. I guess we all really can pay players like the Raiders do. Personally, I’m worried that this entire situation will set a precedent. He held out, he pretty much got the deal he wanted and now he comes in welcomed back with smiles and open arms because the team needed him more than he needed the team. Only time will tell if they made the right move, but for the immediate future….put your shades on, cause it’s bright. Anyone would love to have Johnson on their team. He’s a team player, doesn’t cause problems and lights it up on the field. His new contract however, pays him $13 million this year–that’s more than Drew Brees’ $9 million and some change. Is it worth it?
8) What do you see as the biggest issues facing the Titans?

Growth and Consistency. Hasselbeck needs to get consistent with these wideouts. The offensive line needs to get their act in order. They were much worse in the previous season than most realize. I believe Pro Football Focus ranked them in the bottom fifth of the league as a unit. The defense needs to grow up as well. Can Michael Griffin return to Pro Bowl form? Will Chris Hope (SS) be worth his contract? He is scheduled to make $6 million this season at thirty years old. At times, he plays like he’s 30. Can passing-down linebacker Gerald McRath re-emere after looking great his rookie season and seemingly falling flat on his face last year? There are too many questions right now to consider this team playoff-caliber.
9)Where Titans fans happy to see the team part ways with Vince Young, or sad to see him leave?

I would say that fans were initially caught off guard. You knew either Fisher or Young would stay. Then neither stayed. It was confusing. In the end though, most fans were happy. I disagreed, Young finally started to look worth a top pick at the beginning of last year.
If you’re interested, I did an in-depth editorial on his career here–>http://titansized.com/2011/07/28/reflecting-on-former-titan-vince-young/
10) What’s up with Kenny Britt and all the arrests? Titans planning on dishing out any discpline of their own?

By all accounts, Kenny Britt seems to be a good guy mixed in with the wrong people. He’s now on record saying he needs to stay out of New Jersey (Rutgers). If he keeps his act together, it seems that he could be a top-10 WR in this league. Nothing is for certain, however.