New Orleans Saints @ Oakland Raiders: Behind enemy lines

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 6) What players have stood out so far in training camp? Any names we should know about?

The guy that has stolen every headline in camp has been 5th round pick Denarius Moore. The receiver from Tennessee has turned heads every day. Jason Campbell compared him to Jacoby Ford and thus far he has more than lived up to that billing. Moore is a play-maker, plain and simple. Every chance he gets he makes the most of. Whether on special teams or on offense Moore has made a very strong case to be starting on the Monday Night opener.

 7) Star running back Darren McFadden broke his orbital. Do you think that a will affect his performance? Do you expect another breakout year in 2011?

For Run DMC it is all about staying healthy. If he can play a full 16-game schedule there is no doubt McFadden will be an MVP candidate. As a runner McFadden has a combo of size, speed and agility few in the league can boast of. In all honestly he might be Oakland’s best receiver too. This team will go as far as McFadden carries. We’re talking a Brian Westbrook type of talent but with the physical skills that remind many of both Bo Jackson and Marcus Allen.

 8) What do you see as the biggest issues facing the Raiders?

Without a doubt the two biggest concerns are the offensive line and defensive secondary. The O-line is going to be a constant work in progress while the young corners are going to be vital to this team’s success. Beyond those units Jason Campbell has got to be consistent week in and week out. This team isn’t good enough to win with a B- effort. It’s got to be Doogie Howser grades in order to pass the test of Oakland’s tough schedule. Keeping the team focused and not taking any opponent lightly will be Hue Jackson’s most important tasks all year long.

 9) If there is anything you could change about Oakland, what would it be?

As a Raider fan you have to make your peace with Al Davis. He’s more than earned the benefit of the doubt there are just issues with his timing more than anything else. Promoting Hue Jackson was the right move, it just didn’t make sense to do so when the team had finally shown real promise. Giving Nnamdi Asomugha the biggest contract ever for a DB made perfect sense but then to let both him and Zach Miller walk without even putting forth much effort was just strange. Davis is a constant punchline to those on the outside but football minds in the game take him serious. Bill Belichick freely admits to taking many of his philosophies from Davis. You can’t honestly think Belichick’s trades for Ochocinco and Haynesworth weren’t taken directly from the book of Davis. He’s still an innovator but is very impatient. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing. This is what Al can’t ever seem to comprehend.