New Orleans Saints: Some fans really hate the Atlanta Falcons


The rivalry between the New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons is palpable, the two teams have a genuine disdain for one another that has seemed to balloon over recent years given the back-and-forth between the two clubs for NFC South supremacy.

Last season the rivalry intensified after Falcon’s standout wide receiver Roddy White made sevral comments through his twitter account about New Orleans and the Saints prior to their December match-up.

"The grace of god gave them tht championship so tht city wouldn fall apart now and now they think they hot shit inThe saints win one championship and want to go crazy well yall ass aint winning this year we gone make sure tht doesn’t happenThe first time we played them their coach gone say after we won the game thts a good win for yall like the saints are the ColtsThe aints fans are so rude we shall see monday night"

The Falcons had narrowly won the first match-up with the Saints in overtime. Realistically it’s the Saints though that should have won, but now famously Garrett Hartley missed the field goal that would have secured another NFC South crown.

Turns out the Saints would win the Monday night tilt on December 27th that White refers to at the Georgia Dome. It was  a close game, although New Orleans defense held the Falcons to only 140 yards passing and 75 yards rushing en route to the 17-14 victory.

After the game ended Jonathan Vilma and a few other defensive players went out to celebrate on the big Falcon painted at midfield, which the Falcons later took as an extreme sign of disrespect.

When asked about the photos head coach Sean Payton completely dismissed the notion that it was intended to be disrespectful, instead implying the defense always took pictures on the field after a big win. It was normal, not odd.

Everyone in the Falcons organization doesn’t tend to agree with Payton’s outlook, and they have vowed to “not forget” about the incident only fueling the flame of one of the NFC’s great rivalries.

Earlier today on a fan left a funny little blurb about the Falcons.

"BREAKING NEWS. Falcons football practice was delayed nearly 2 hrs today after a player reported finding an unknown white powdery substance on the practice field. Arthur Blank immediately suspended practice & called the police & federal investigators. After a complete analysis, FBI experts determined that the white substance unknown to players was the GOAL LINE. Practice resumed after special agents decided the team was unlikely to encounter the substance again this season…. Definitely won’t find it in our house stupid birds — Canmannac"

It’s a sure sign that whatever happens this year in the NFC South that the Saints and Falcons will continue to be the most closely contested games, and these bitter rivals will continue their history of dislike for one another for years to come.