New Orleans Saints: Adding WR Randy Moss A Good Idea?


Mounting injuries to wide receivers in New Orleans may cause Saints coach Sean Payton to take a peek at free agent receivers, one’s that can step in at a moments notice and help his offense stay on pace.

While Randy Moss is not the most sought after free agent wideout unsigned during the free agent frenzy, this close to preseason, he is however the most talented receiver that can still help any offense.

The news going around right now is that Moss has retired, but all of the water cooler conversation is that no team with a chance to win the big game right now has even contacted him and he would rather retire than go to a team that doesn’t have chance to win the Superbowl.

I think with help from a strong quarterback, head coach, and solid teammates, Moss would be able to help the Saints tip the scale and be part of a team that has a serious chance at another Superbowl win.

I know, I will hear flack from some Saints fans that will say Moss is not worth signing, but I think he has been humbled this offseason and will be extra motivated to not end his career on a sour note.

I also think he can contribute a lot, not by mentoring young receivers, but allowing Colston the freedom he will assuredly receive with Moss on the other side, while rotating with Henderson and Moore.

Moss’s 2010 season was horrendous, while bouncing around between the Titans, Patriots and Vikings he ended his with 28 receptions for 393 yards, 5 touchdowns, all lows for this talented receiver.

Even with the harsh words coming from Hall of Fame wide receiver Jery Rice recently during a radio interview with ESPN, saying that with all of the talent Randy Moss had, it was like a slap in the face that he had such a poor work ethic.

Rice said he thinks Moss could have been one of the greatest with a better work ethic, but you never knew what you were going to get with him.

It’s being reported that Giants GM Jerry Reese is considering calling Randy Moss to try and lure him out of retirement, I think, if Moss can be motivated at all, he should be after hearing the latest round of criticism about his motivation and work ethic, or lack thereof.

The Saints could probably get him at a bargain basement price that will allow the them keep an extra receiver on the active roster in 2011, like Adrian Arrington.

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