New Orleans Saints: Could Saints Be Relocating To Los Angeles?


The latest news coming out of New Orleans is that the Saints have extended their training camp by one week, moving some of their preseason practice sessions to Oxnard, California in preparation for their game against the Oakland Raiders.

I may be looking to far in the future, but where is this move to California heading? There are also rumors that the Saints may be looking at holding their training camp somewhere other than Metairie in the future.

I read the city of Los Angeles has received final approval to move ahead on their proposed new stadium “FARMERS FIELD”, it’s being built  by Majestic Realty Co, and will be completed by 2016.

Vikings owner Zygi Wilf was quoted this week as saying, “We are going to play in Minnesota for the foreseeable future, once the governor approves the new stadium”.

The group Majestic Realty, that will be building and owning the new stadium in California, will not be pinning all of their hopes on the chance that only one NFL team will be interested in the move.

It’s quoted on this website that there are several teams mentioned, it’s not a rumor, and that the teams mentioned for possible relocation to Los Angeles include the Saints, Vikings and Bills.

That brings to mind three questions, is it true the Saints are going to move their training camp to a new location next year, and if so “why” and is this new location in California?

The Saints fan base is strong out west, and I think the entire Saints organization is certainly appealing coming of their first Superbowl victory, although the chances of a relocation are beyond incredibly slim to none.

I hope the reasons mentioned by coach Sean Payton about wanting to practice in cooler weather and help build team camaraderie is true, and is not just a preview of whats to come in the future.

The National Football League played a big role in helping the state of Louisiana and the Saints come to the current agreement, which is for the next ten years. Hopefully there are no loop holes in that contract.

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