New Orleans Saints: Frustrated Fan But Still Proud Of The Saints Players


I’m just like every fan out there right now, especially about the lack of football, I am just fed up that with the lack or progess on the CBA and in general the NFL’s treatment of the entire situation.

But as a fan of the New Orleans Saints my entire life, I’m glad the Saints don’t have players mouthing off about their team, their quarterback, or any other player.

Sometimes I sit back and wonder if the lockout wasn’t happening right now where would the Saints be as far as signing their own free agents, hoping that they would be searching the waiver wire looking for that one player that fits their mold.

The Saints have done a great job over the last few years of going out and getting great players like  Jonathan Vilma, Darren Sharper and even Drew Brees in free agency.

Then to see a player like Pittsburgh’s linebacker James Harrison, who not only attacked gay people, but continued his outlandish rants towards Commissioner Roger Goodell saying he was the devil and that he wouldn’t “urinate” on him if he was on fire.

Harrison followed that by throwing his own teammates under the bus, one of his teammate’s who caught the wrath from Harrison was running back Rashard Mendenhall,whom Harrison called a “fumbling machine”.

Mendenhall posted on twitter that he’s not upset about what was said, I know Harrison. It’s possible he’s just scared of him.

Harrison didn’t stop there, he went on to mention how his own quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, slamming him with a comment that said it all “You are not Payton Manning, you just get paid like him”.

This may be Harrison’s way to get his teammates to play harder, but calling your quarterback out with comments like that is really low.

Final note: Harrison didn’t do a lot for the Steelers in the Superbowl himself. He recorded one tackle and one quarterback sack while playing on a defense that allowed Aaron Rogers to throw for over three hundred yards and three touchdowns.

Harrison should be unloading on his defense also, I’m pretty sure i didn’t hear him slamming anyone named James Harrison.


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