Charles Grant Wants To Play In Atlanta; LaCanfora Says Bush Done With Saints

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Defensive end Charles Grant hasn’t done much on the football field since his release from the Saints in 2009, just weeks after their Super Bowl XLIV victory over the Indianapolis Colts. He spent time with the Dolphins and Bears, however he recorded no stats in 2010.

Grant was selected 25th overall by the Saints in the 2002 draft. He had same good years with New Orleans (27.5 sacks in his first three seasons) but injury became a constant problem that took away much of his production towards the end of his career.

Like so many NFL veterans his paycheck was just too big in consideration to his production. The Saints decided to move one, signing Alex Brown to a cheaper deal to replace him.

Currently a free agent Grant is hoping land with an NFL team when the lockout ends, and the Georgia native would like that team to be the Atlanta Falcons.

"I hope I play for the Atlanta Falcons. I’m just blessed to be living and you will never see me with a sad face. If I can get in the right system with the right opportunity, I know I have at least five years in me. I know I can play, I just need a chance."

Apparently Grant feels like his skills set matches up well with what the Falcons do on their defensive line. He already owns one restaurant in his home town of Colquitt, there are also plans to open up a second location in Smyrna, a mere ten minutes northwest of Atlanta.

His ties to the area many, but his chances of catching onto to the Falcons roster are slim. Grant will be 33 on September 3rd as he enters his ninth NFL season, injury is always a concern as is his recent production.

Currently the left side of the defensive line is held down by Kroy Bierman, whom Atlanta is very high on. One could even say that Bierman’s backup, Jamaal Anderson, is a better player now then Grant at this stage of his career.

On the right side the Falcons have perennial pro bowler John Abraham rushing the quarterback. Certainly Abraham is not going to to take a seat to Grant.

Abraham is getting a little long in the tooth though, even still he managed thirteen sacks last season.

Grant certainly made enough money during his tenure with the Saints that he shouldn’t be hurting in any way for another large pay day.

Realistically he must be considering retirement if no teams show interest in signing him, moreover show interest in signing him to any real money for any real playing time.