New Orleans Saints: NFL Teams Who May Be Interested In WR Lance Moore


The Saints have a lot of players that will require attention once the new CBA is signed, wide out Lance Moore is going to be one of them that i feel will be a hot commodity.

There’s going to be a few teams that will be ready to snag Lance Moore, teams like the Cincinnati Bengals who will be without receivers Chad Ochocinco or Terrell Owens, and after drafing rookie wide receiver A.J. Green are in need of a veteran presence to help him in 2011.

The New York Jets are another team that will be looking to bring another  veteran wide  receiver to either replace Braylon Edwards or Santonio Holmes, it will be tough for them to resign both.

And possibly even in San Diego, where the Chargers applied their franchise tag on Vincent Jackson, leaving Malcolm Floyd exposed, although Floyd is a talented receiver, the number for Saints wide out Lance Moore is going to be more cap friendly.

Lance Moore would be a great fit no matter what offence you put him in, but his talents will not be the same while playing for a teams like Bengals or the Jets. The Saints have a very high powered offense, and there are very few teams that have that combination in the NFL.

Moore,s best chance is to stay in New Orleans, where he is plays for a team that has the pieces in place to win another Superbowl. Hopefully the Saints will make an offer he fills is worth staying around New Orleans.

Moore is a team player and will not be looking to break the bank, lets just hope that one of these other teams don’t come down south and  offer a very high number that the Saints can’t or would not be willing to match.

His number since arriving in the league are pretty good, he has 186 receptions for 2,103 and 22 touchdowns. This might not seem like great numbers for a wide receiver that has been in this league since 2005, but his role with the Saints is valuable and when he is in the game his presence demands the attention of opposing defenses.

NFL Network has been playing the “five best” catches of 2010, and Lance Moore’s catch against Baltimore is numnber five. Even the 2 point conversion during the 2009 super bowl displays what kind of talent Moore brings to the table.


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