Frustrated New Orleans Saints Fan “Latest NFL Labor Talks”


If  the NFL owner’s or Player’s would sit down seriously,  maybe my point of view about the ongoing NFL Billion dollar fiasco would change.

Fact is, there probably wouldn’t even be a work stoppage right now in the NFL if it wasn’t for the fans. THE FANS  BUILT THE NFL. (And will continue to)

This is not the most favorable time to be shutting down one of the most profitable business in the country. The main issue for both sides is the profit sharing. ( how about putting a 401 system in place)

Players make more than enough money in a short 3 to 4 year career to be able to retire, and live comfortably if they are wise with their money. (hire a accounting firm to manage your money)

Owners don’t need to keep trying to get more and more from their players, who work hard and even sacrifice their bodies in some cases, nor the fans that support both sides and continuously pay ridiculously high prices for everything associated with the NFL. ( owners need to stop looking for ways to bilk fans and players out of more money)

As a fan of one of the best team’s in the NFL, the New Orleans Saints, I feel that i have the right to complain about the way our fans and thousands more just like us are being treated.

It seems like neither side can agree on how to split billions of dollars; something most companies wouldn’t even understand. (some countries wouldn’t even understand)

Are you for real? The unemployment rate is at an all time high, peoples homes are being destroyed all over the country by some of the worst Forrest fires in history. Are the NFL owners seriously for real?

I know that i’m a very lucky man to be able to work every day and provide for my family, and i support my NFL team through almost anything. (really frustrated now though)

I know most NFL Players want to be able to do the same thing. Whats the price going to be for that to happen? (share)

A lot of players are already voicing their opinion on the news, Internet etc; about ending the lockout, and there are even some owners that are ready for the lockout to end.

Maybe it’s time for us the fans to speak our mind, send in your opinion, write it to who ever your team websites are. let those few owners that are holding the cards know how you feel. (end the stupidity)

I think most of the meetings happening lately will be meaningless, unless both sides are serious about ending the lockout, remember majority wins.


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